Catherine Xi
March 14, 2021

Travis Community Feature - Paul Kristoff

Introducing our Community Feature series! Our diverse community of travel lovers inspire us daily to live curiously, and be open to new experiences that we've never known or experienced before. Here's where we get to know them a little more...

Meet Paul Kristoff.

Management consultant by day, all-round awesome food blogger and writer at The City Lane by.. all other times of the day. If you're looking for tasty eats and expanded cuisines to suit a whole range of everyday to celebratory occasions, look no further. Drool over his Travis food guides here, or read on to learn more!

1. Tell us about yourself in 3 fun facts. (Where you grew up, what you do for work, something unexpected etc.)

I grew up in Perth, and spent three years living in London, travelling around Europe, before settling in Melbourne in 2012. Management consultant by day, webmaster, photographer and writer by night. Something unexpected is that I’m a qualified lawyer.

2. How has travelling shaped you as a person? Has there been a particularly memorable trip destination for you?

It might be cliched, but travel has been my greatest education. Seeing how other people live, discovering new cultures, delving further and further into familiar cultures, continues to emphasise just how alike we all are on this planet. And, of course, the food, I’ve gone from being someone who was super picky growing up, to being someone who will try anything and everything at least once.

3. When I’m not working, you’ll find me…

At a bar or restaurant, or wandering the streets doing street photography.

The City Lane Melbourne

4. Where’s your favourite place to go in Australia? Could be a hidden gem, a local fave, a holiday go-to..

Totally depends on my mood. There’s no way I could pick a favourite as I love so many places.

5. Spill the beans.. What do you find most frustrating in your travel planning process?

The difficulty in finding trusted resources. When blogs were new, and being an “influencer” wasn’t a thing, I found it was quite easy to find blogs with real local recommendations that you could trust. Finding that trust is now harder. When you’ve only got a limited time to travel and hit up certain spots, you want to make sure that your list is the best that it can be.

6. How is Travis helping you make this easier? What are you most excited about in a brand new travel platform for millennial and Gen Z travellers?

I like that Travis spotlights guides written by trusted contributors. I like the idea of being able to say “if Travis recommends this list or guide, I know that I can trust it”.

7. Top 3 Aussie destinations you’re itching to visit post-COVID?

Assuming post COVID essentially means when we can travel the country without border closure worries, I want to do Far North Queensland, Darwin, and Broome.

Thanks Paul for the interview. Click here to check out his guides on Travis, sign up to start discovering, saving and planning your own trips on Travis!

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