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Bookable link Basics

This makes it easy for your followers to book hotels you recommend. You get 5% on each booking, forever. With no minimum follower count required.

What is a Bookable Link?

How to create a Bookable Link?

Where can I share my Bookable Links? Examples?
What is a Shopfront?

Can I use Bookable Links for hotels that I've already stayed at? Or only hotels on future trips?

Is there a limit on the number of Bookable Links I can create?

Can I share places that aren't hotels too?


How much do I earn?

How does it compare to other platforms?

Is Travis free?


How do people make the hotel booking?

What if people don't make a booking on the spot? Can they bookmark it?

How does hotel price compare to other booking sites?

Does the hotel booking and payments happen through Travis?

Hoe to cancel/change a hotel booking?

Hotels / Products Available

How can I find out which hotels are on the platform?

How do you get hotels on?

Do you have Airbnbs?

What if there isn’t a hotel on Travis? Can I suggest a hotel?

What can I find the list of your hotel presented?


How does this compare to alternatives - for creators?

How does this compare to alternatives - for travelers?

⚡️ Ready to plan your trip yet?
Use our free trip planning Moodboard to create visually interactive itinerary for your next vacation. Share with friends, collaborate or view your ideas on a map together.

Organise trips with tags

Organise your saved places with flexible tagging, from themes to day to day. It's entirely up to you.

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Collaborate with friends

Create a shared bucketlist by adding places together, chat right on the map with your cursor. No more switching apps.

Explore on map

Search an area directly on the map and get recommendations curated by our community.