Organise your next trip together with Group Collaboration

Bring your group’s ideas together in a flash with Travis — the best free, collaborative, visual trip planner. Share your Moodboard link with friends and family to keep everyone in the loop, and on the same page. Everyone gets a say!

Create the ultimate shared bucket list

  • Invite others to your Moodboard to search and save restaurants, cafes, locations and activities as a group, even if they don’t have a Travis account yet.
  • Tired of carrying the team? Divide and conquer the world with collaborative editing. Or share view-only access to your moodboard and give someone FOMO.

Plan alongside your travel buddies in real-time

  • See everything your collaborators are seeing and watch as the ideas flow, and your travel plans grow.
  • Explore the local nightlife. Save that lunch spot. Effortlessly find places to visit and organise your shared itinerary with tags, together.

Communicate on the spot with cursor chat

  • Type “/” to start a live chat, wherever your cursor is, and talk to your group in real-time. No more getting lost in threads or spending hours planning in person.
  • Point out places on a map, coordinate ideas and work through logistics. Your talking won’t disrupt your mood board flow.

Got questions?

Will it actually help my visitors answer general questions?

Will it actually help my visitors answer general questions?

Will it actually help my visitors answer general questions?

⚡️ Ready to plan your trip yet?
Use our free trip planning Moodboard to create visually interactive itinerary for your next vacation. Share with friends, collaborate or view your ideas on a map together.

Organise trips with tags

Organise your saved places with flexible tagging, from themes to day to day. It's entirely up to you.

mobile with tagging settings ui

Collaborate with friends

Create a shared bucketlist by adding places together, chat right on the map with your cursor. No more switching apps.

Explore on map

Search an area directly on the map and get recommendations curated by our community.