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We are always looking for passionate people to join us on our mission to build the world's most diverse travel community.

Why now?

In a time where the entire travel industry is facing exceptional challenges, we believe we are uniquely positioned to be successful and have a positive impact in what will be the future of travel. Our goal is to be at the forefront of shifts in how millennial travellers travel, leading the charge in the way of how we will travel from now on, how we share, how we gather information, how we can be different. We are a mighty Australian travel startup based in Melbourne backed by Skalata Ventures.

We don't currently have any open roles, but are always open to hearing from awesome, driven people who can see yourself working with Travis. Whether you're a developer, digital marketer, community builder, or data scientist - we'd love to hear from you.


Life at Travis

As much as we wish to have a section that looks something like this...

The reality is something more like this because of COVID since we started. But that doesn't mean we don't believe all the above or have fun! That's where we ultimately want to build Travis into. We are small team who value our time with each other, regardless of lockdowns or not, we regularly have team drinks, games night and make sure we grow as a team.

Core values

We pride ourselves in being creatively curious, supporting and challenging each other to grow and perform our best.


We believe curiosity opens up the doors to you asking why, to you looking at things from a new perspective, and to discovering new experiences that challenge you (whether in work, life, or travel).


We aim to give voice to a diverse range of travel stories and experiences, and this extends to our team too. We look for diversity in thought, expertise, cultures, interests and experiences - to bring together and grow a kickass team!


At the heart of Travis is a strong focus on sharing and connecting with people, places and experiences that you might never have known about.

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