The word 'Travel is' merging together to become Travis

"Why Travis?"

Travis stands for "Travel is..." - an open-ended statement that can mean different things to different people. And that's the mindset of travel - near or far, to discover new places, taste new flavours, connect with new people and experience new things - in a way that is unique to you.

Our purpose

Empower travelers to live their best travel life.

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But, why is it SO agonisingly hard to plan a trip?

Between the 42 tabs, 15 screenshots, 10 friend recommendations, 5 Google sheets - planning your trip feels like a chore, rather than a joy. Something you bury yourself in because you have to. But where's the fun in dreaming up your next best trip, alone?

Travel is a part of our DNA 🧬

In a world where 84% of Gen Zs and millennials rely on social media recommendations to decide where to go, what to do, how to live your life.. One thing's clear - travel is an ingrained part of our identities and how we live our lives.

The social media dilemma

But - anyone who's tried to plan their trips with social apps know that it's a deep rabbit hole of content without functionality that travellers actually need. And today's booking apps are over 10 years old now. Bottom line, we hadn't found a travel app that actually worked for how Gen Zs and millennials dream, curate and plan trips today - so we decided to build one ourselves.

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⚡️ Meet Travis. We help you curate your next best trip.

⚡️Access unique tools that travellers need
⚡️ Connect with a travel community who loves what you love
⚡️ Get information to decide where to spend your time and money
⚡️ Build a hub for your best travel self

We're not just another travel planning app.

In fact, here are a few things that we think will change the future of travel for the better.

🌟 Curator-led

Curators will continue to play a crucial role in inspiring and showing the world what's good. We aim to provide tools that make it easy for curators and creators to share their experiences.

🌏 Collective diversity

We are better together. There is no one way to travel, and we welcome people of different cultures, genders, backgrounds, travel budgets and preferences, to enrich our global community.

👀 Curious perspectives

We believe a life of travel opens your mind up to new possibilities that you might never have considered before. We believe in passing these stories on, to inspire the next person to discover new places, people and experiences.

😎 Continuous learning

We're rethinking how travel fits within our everyday lives, and how we interact with technology to dream, curate, and experience new places. We are constantly open to your feedback and suggestions, so that we can keep building our product for the future of travel.

Meet the team

Named Top 100 Innovators 2021 by The Australian, and backed by Skalata Ventures, Travis is one of the leading voices of innovation in travel - especially at the intersection of travellers, creators, and industry. We are building digital experiences for a new generation of Gen Z and millennial travellers to curate their next best trips, through visual moodboards, integrated maps, and stories by real travellers.

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Nicole Tj

Co-founder, CEO

Nicole is our resident foodie and always-on curator, keeping an eye out for new local gems, out-of-this world stays, or the hottest eats in any city.

She loves building consumer brands people love, and heads up our marketing and partnerships with creators and brands.

With 5 years as Strategy consultant at Deloitte Digital, she's worked with Australia's largest organisations to launch digital experiences to millions of users. Her side hustles have included: concert pianist, TEDx speaker, and lifestyle blogger.

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Thomas Lo

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Tom's love for architecture and photography means that he's always carrying extra gear and geeking out on buildings when he travels.

He is passionate about designing delightful consumer products, and heads up our user research, design and prototyping. He is also a fervent user of no-code tools.

Before Travis, he used to design architectural gems at award-winning architectural design firms like Woods Bagot and MODO. He also used to side hustle as a concert violinist and TEDx speaker.

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Sylvain Simao

Chief Technology Officer

Sylvain would be living on a tropical island if he had his way, building digital products while sipping on a margarita.

As a technology leader and hands-on developer, he single-handedly builds the Travis platform that you see today.

Sylvain built the technical team at ClemengerBBDO, working with Airbnb, MARS, and tourism boards. He started his career in CGI production before moving into web and full stack development 10 years ago - and never looked back!

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