Reimagining travel for the digital generation

Where travel stories, information, and planning collide. Finally.

Reimagining travel for the digital generation

Where travel stories, information, and planning collide. Finally.
It was a dark and stormy night…

“If only there was a super smart digital travel assistant to do this all..”

It was a midnight back in 2018 when co-founders Nicole and Tom were lying on the floor, defeated. All this to plan a trip to the US? Talking to others, they quickly realised that they weren’t the only ones drowning in screenshots and spreadsheets - becoming pseudo project managers just to make their trip happen. Never again.

Our mission is to make travel easy for the digital generation

So imagine - a single platform for end-to-end travel. Here's a teaser of how we see it unfolding, with a few guaranteed pivots in there.

Storytelling, supercharged

Whether you’re a travel writer, part-time photographer, or avid traveller full of memorable moments, we give you the tools to document your travel stories.

Discovery, personalised

Search the way you’d ask a friend for recommendations, to discover travel stories and places by people you can relate to.

Planning, all-in-one

Mix and match, build your own trip itinerary without being a spreadsheet expert.

Seek the truth

Get to know our small, mighty, supercharged team

Four millennials based in Melbourne and Sydney, combining our love for travel and expertise across innovation, design, technology, and marketing, to re-shape digital experiences for travellers.

Nicole Tj

Co-founder, CEO

Nicole oversees our strategic direction, marketing and partnerships. Previously, she worked at Deloitte Digital Melbourne, leading innovation and strategic design initiatives across Australia's largest organisations.

Also once a classical concert pianist, TEDx speaker, and fashion blogger. A foodie traveller at heart, you'll find her savouring Hong Kong street food, Spanish tapas, or Moroccan tagines.

Thomas Lo

Co-founder, CPO

A creative visionary, Thomas drives creative direction, product design and prototyping of the Travis platform. He worked as an architectural designer for years while side hustling as a photographer, animator, pixel artist, classical violinist, and TEDx speaker.

You'll find him in sub-zero weather, patiently waiting for a long exposure shot while travelling.

Sylvain Simao


Sylvain brings our Travis vision into the real world. A hands-on technology leader with strong expertise leading teams and building digital solutions, he balances technical knowhow and creative thinking.

Previously Technical Director at Clemenger BBDO, he led technical delivery for campaigns by Airbnb, Visit Victoria and Mars. An adventurous traveller, you’ll find Sylvain snorkelling and kayaking in tropical destinations.

Clare Lynton

Content Lead

Blending analytics and design, Clare leads our content and community development, making sure we’re getting our message across just right.

Previously she worked in Deloitte Digital specialising in analytics, before taking a year off to live in London and NYC, then working on customer insights at Expedia. When it comes to travel you’ll find her in a local cafe, cocktail bar, or indie design store.

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