Empowering the next gen of travel creators

We believe that the future of travel, relies on creators. A whole new generation of creators who are producing more content - that is more personal, more niche, more diverse - distributed more widely, and more quickly, than ever before.

The same creators who are underserved by the tools and infrastructure today that make it harder than it should be to earn a sustainable income.

Over the last 10 years we’ve worked as creators ourselves, and with tourism organisations around the world as photographer, influencer manager, and strategy consultant.

Our experiences fuel our mission to empower a new generation of travel creators. We do this through tools that enable creators to share and earn from brands they love, and travelers to plan and book trips based on recommendations by people they trust.

Nicole Tj & Thomas Lo
Co-founders, Travis

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Whether it's a road trip, solo trip or group trip, Travis easily helps you and your friends create beautiful, visual interactive Moodboards of your ideas in one place.

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With Travis


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