Nicole Tj
November 1, 2021

Meet The Winners: Travis Creator Fund 2021

Celebrating travel creators showing the world what's good

We're excited to announce the winners of the inaugural Travis Creator Fund - a $4000 USD fund to power the travels and stories of creators doing incredible work to share with the world a perspective of their travels. On our selection panel were renowned Photographer and Creative Director Jarrad Seng and Moment's Head of Partnerships and Creators Alec Ploof.

Diverse travel stories, unique storytelling, that inspires others to experience something new for themselves.⁠ To quote Jarrad - "The success of any travel story is that it makes the viewer want to transport there instantly." Let's get to know our 10 winners across US and Australia, and their travel stories.

01. Natasha - @lifeinminiaturepictures

Camping in regional Australia

Having spent some time in the Pacific Islands like Vanuatu and Kirabati for her work in International Development, you could say life on the road comes as second nature to Natasha. Whether it's exploring off-road into Australia's lesser-known drives and trails, spending 10 Days in the Red Centre of Australia, roadtripping the South Coast of NSW, or camping in the Southern Highlands, Natasha's travel stories are full of invaluable inspiration and tips to get you venturing out of Australia's capital cities, and into your own adventures.

Perfect for: Those looking for off-the-beaten-track camping, roadtrips, and nature adventures in Australia.

02. Letti - @livinglikeafreebird

Climbing Everest Base Camp

Letti's travel stories describe a personal journey of self-achievement. Travel has a way of making you step outside your comfort zones, to get up close with different cultures and ways of life, to discover something new about yourself that you didn't know was possible before. From conquering Everest Base Camp (solo, no less!), capturing the friendly faces of Kathmandu, or exploring up north in The Kimberley, Australia - Letti makes you feel like you're right there with her.

Perfect for: The outdoor adventure seeker itching for your next solo trip.

03. Genevieve - @lustinherworld

Arriving in Sydney from Canada just before the pandemic, Genevieve has made it her mission to see, experience and share as much of New South Wales, and Australia as possible. A self-confessed obsessive travel researcher and planner, her travel stories are tales of good times had - a dash of delicious, a hint of waterfall-chasing, coastal hikes, and hot air balloon rides. From Regional Victoria, to the Blue Mountains, her weekends spent away from her day-to-day as a Digital Marketer would make any one envious!

Perfect for: The weekend warrior looking for new travel experiences a drive away on Australia's East Coast.

04. Krystal - @krystal.mckinley

Feeding birds and kangaroos

For mumma-to-be Krystal Mckinley, working in adult retail and her love for travel keeps her busy - and full of great conversation starters! Swimming with wild dolphins? Check. Riding camels on the beach? Check. Getting up close and personal with stingrays? Check. Her passion for immersing herself in new tropical destinations and helping others discover something new for themselves is clear.

Perfect for: Animal lovers who would jump at the chance to live on a tropical island.

05. Jay - @wijayya

Landscapes in New South Wales

Indonesian-born Jay now calls Sydney home. As a visual artist and dreamscape storyteller, Jay's travel stories are poetic, narrative works of art. The kind of photographs that show you moments of carefree escapes and nourishing nature retreats, and make you feel like you need to book that week in the wild, stat. For him, "travel is a way to finding your true self".

Perfect for: The dreamer in you looking for your next cabin stays and heartwarming experiences in Australia.

06. Anissa - @herjoliejourney

Travelling with a dog in Utah

Dog lovers unite! The first thing you notice about Anissa's travel stories is her four-legged travel companion. Whether it's dog-friendly trails in Utah or a city guide to San Diego for dog parents - Anissa's sure to help inspire your next adventures - without having to leave your dog at home! 

Perfect for: Dog parents looking for inspiration and tips for memorable trips with your dogs.

07. Gaetane - @gaetanevoyage

Aerial photo of Brazil and Rio de Janerio

You feel the adrenaline rush from Gaetane’s travel stories. Full of full and life-loving vibes, her adventures take you from Brazil to Cartagena, Bali to Rio de Janeiro. Originally from Haiti, Gaetane also runs her own tour company Stella Travel, offering small, curated group trips to bucket list destinations like Iceland, Senegal and Peru! For her, “travel is a way to connect and empathize with the world around us”.

Perfect for: The “surprise me - I’m up for anything” traveler looking for your next global adventure!

08. Samantha - @alloveradventure

Hiking in snow in Colorado

Sam describes herself as “just a girl looking all over for adventure” - who’s as comfortable scaling Colorado’s most epic hikes, as getting lost within the magical kingdom at Disneyworld.

Perfect for: Outdoor adventure seekers looking for your next US roadtrip.

09. Crystal - @ckliangsterr

europe and thailand

Seeing the world through Crystal’s lens is about as up close and personal you can get to the everyday lifestyles of locals, without physically being there. Get lost in a photojournalistic capture of Thailand, Turkey and Mexico. Next stop? Kazakstan.

Perfect for: Those who are curious to ‘do like the locals do’ while exploring new cultures.

10. Alexa - @lilmsawkward

26 year-old Alexa’s visited 36 countries - and counting! A self-confessed travel addict, street food is the first thing she reaches for when visiting a new city! Her heartfelt travel story in her return to Ghana for the first time is keen reminder of how visiting new places and cultures can have the power to fundamentally impact our identity and sense of self.

Perfect for: Those looking for a personal story about Ghana.

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