Julia D'Orazio
February 26, 2022

Six Top Road Trip Playlists To Keep You Grooving On Your Next Drive

Road Trip Soundtrack to Put You In A Feel Good Mood

Wind the windows down and get the music blaring as there's nothing more that creates a vacation vibe than having a killer road trip playlist. Having a road trip soundtrack can help set the mood and may make the time whizz by – that's if you want it to, or it can even be a holiday highlight in itself! It's the perfect compliment to having good company and a great USA road trip itinerary mapped out. All holiday necessities, right?

Let us take care of your DJ ways as we share our top road trip playlists to make your next journey a banger. 


Ready to road test?


🎵 Generational Road Trip Bangers


What's old is new again. 


We have dug deep into our parent's musical boxes and plucked out our favorite old school feel-good tunes (Think The Beatles, Prince) and paired them with some other singalong belters over the past few decades. Yes, we have created quite the eclectic mixtape, ahem Spotify playlist, but it's a road trip playlist that everyone can get involved with no matter the age. Who knows, it may kickstart a car karaoke session.


🎵 Highways, Streets and Beats


We have gone with a bit of a theme, rounding up songs with travel-related titles. Ok, some are a bit of a stretch but trust us; it will really set your road trip soundtrack into overdrive. 


There's a bit of dance from electronic lords Rüfüs Du Sol, contemporary beats from music veteran Paul McCartney, and even some classic Ye. It's a road trip playlist that is sure to put you in holiday mode and Rushing Back to put on repeat.



🎵 Feel Good Time


Do you want the drive to be a bit less noise and more Zen? We feel you. This road trip soundtrack is sure to make you feel chill with a mix of synths, funk and electronic that's all-easy listening with the occasional shoulder shimmy in the car.


Let Roosevelt bring on the groove while Steve Lacy brings the soul. The marriage of all these genres in one playlist is sure to make you feel good – especially if the beach is your calling. We also recommend putting it on this playlist once you arrive at your destination, as it can be great for creating a background vibe.



🎵 Hip Hop/R&B Road Trip Vibes


This is a road trip playlist that deserves to be cranked. A mix of hip hop and R&B is sure to put you in the mood, whether you are out for fun driving around the city or to the nearest beach.  


A Janet Jackson hit makes a feature, as does Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar and the divine Ms Lauryn Hill's cheery Doo Wop that is bound to get heads bopping along.



 🎵 Sing From The Top of Your Lungs

Warm up the vocal chops as this car ride will be a loud one. This road trip playlist is sure to be a memorable moment - perhaps for either the right or wrong reasons, depending on what singing voice you unleash to everyone.

This road trip playlist has both old and new sing-along songs that you know some lyrics or know them all. Elton John, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent and The Little Mermaid feature on this eclectic playlist that will get your road trip crew singing wherever you may be.

🎵 Travis Fan Faves

Our loyal users have sourced songs that appear on this road trip playlist, and we are digging it! It’s a mixed bag, that’s for sure, but that’s how we like it: Different songs to reflect different vibes, destinations and listener tastes. Think it of like a musical mood board with great recommendations from everyone. Sounds familiar to a certain travel app, right?

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