Nicole Tj
April 6, 2023

An Insider's Tips on the Best Ways to Travel Through Europe

Europe is the most diverse and multicultural continent in the world. It offers unlimited things to do and endless opportunities to meet new people and cultures. Moreover, the "Old Continent" has a rich history, so rich that you could learn stuff from the beginning of the world in almost every European city. 

Besides its history, Europe boasts incredible coasts, crystal blue seas, unique architectural structures, various festivals, and really, everything possible you can imagine.

Whether you want to pack for a few days or months, Europe is the best destination. There are plenty of opportunities to travel on a budget or even plan the most luxurious adventure of your lifetime. 

However, planning a trip to Europe can be overwhelming, whether traveling alone or with the family. Where do you start from? Which cities will you visit? Which is the best route? How many days? There are countless questions you should answer before you grab your bag and start your adventure.

To ensure that you will have a hassle-free trip to Europe, we compiled all the essential information into a guide that explains exactly how to travel to Europe the right way. 

Find the best route

First, you need to know which countries you want to visit. Is it Italy, Spain, or maybe France? Or perhaps all of them? Which cities do you want to visit, and which attractions do you want to see in the city you visit?  

The ideal option is to create a list of all your dream destinations and try to build the most comfortable route. Then, place your destinations in the correct geographical order and start booking your tickets and stays.

Bear in mind that as you travel eastward, Europe gets cheaper.

Money and time are two of the most important things to consider before booking your tickets and accommodation. Don't start your journey by paying massive amounts for tickets and hotels. Though you can travel city by city and make your bookings while traveling, it will save you time and money to plan all of that before your trip.

Photo by Nick Karvounis, Unsplash


Most experienced travelers know when to find good deals, which is off-season. Summer is a hot season in Europe, but if you book your tickets for spring and fall, you may come across better deals. 

Save yourself from all the stress! Remember that Europe is the perfect destination for first-time travelers. You have the option to build your trip as you like! However, keep in mind that in some destinations like Amsterdam, pre-booking is essential, as the accommodation is hard to find. 

Picture by Roman Kraft, Unsplash

How to travel?


Flying is the fastest way to travel between Europan cities that are not close to each other, and Europe offers cheap flights for almost all destinations. Airlines like Ryanair, Wizzair, and EasyJet are the most common and offer the best deals. But, of course, to avoid all the headaches, it's better to book everything as early as possible.

Want to pay as little as possible? Avoid the peak seasons!  

One thing you don't need to stress about is where to store your luggage if you must stop over between flights in cities. You can find storage lockers in almost every European city, and they are close to the airport or city center. If your destination is Rome, for example, try to find a safe luggage locker here and go about your day without worrying about your bags. 



Trains are the most valuable option when planning to travel in Europe, especially if you visit more than one destination. However, trains apply the same rule as flights; the earliest you book, the cheapest. 

Trains offer flexibility that you cannot find anywhere else. For example, companies like Eurail or Interrail provide you with different "passes" that allow you to choose or change the length of your journey at any time. 

 When it comes to time, traveling by train is one of the quickest options. Plenty of companies feature high-speed trains that can reach up to 200mph.

Keep in mind that train stations are usually in the town centers! Therefore, traveling by train is the most hassle-free and comfortable option for many cities in western Europe, but not applicable to some Southeast countries, like those on the Balkan peninsula.



Buses are by far the cheapest option to go with! But to be honest, not the most comfortable. Furthermore, traveling by bus consumes plenty of time as it's the slowest way to travel around Europe. 

 What's the best travel option for you?

The most important factor is your destination and your budget. Don't rush to any decision.

Photo by Roman Kraft, Unsplash


Europe offers a variety of accommodations. You can find a lot of budget options but also high-end lodgings. It all comes down to your preference. 

Budget accommodation

Airbnb or Booking have excellent deals year-round. Please don't overlook the budget options; they will surprise you! 

Of course, if your budget is tighter, you opt for a hostel. Hostels will allow you to meet other fellow travellers and discuss your experiences. 

Tip: If you are a solo traveler, we recommend choosing a hostel as you'll have the opportunity to meet new people in the same situation. Gain invaluable experiences by exploring together!  


High-end option

If you want to add a luxury touch to your journey, then Europe can offer you some of the most luxurious accommodations. Check the hotel packages you want to go with and plan the ideal trip for your tastes. 



Once you are done with all the tedious technical planning, it's time for some fun! Search for all the activities and sightseeing you want to go with and plan the adventure of your lifetime.  

Save yourself from all the stress and time wasted by booking all your activities in advance. Do you want to fill your traveling days with every day exhausting bookings? Instead, try booking only flexible time tickets as you never know what else you'll find when wandering around the cities. 

Final thoughts

There isn't any best way to travel to Europe! All it takes is a bit of scheduling and organizing. Traveling is fun but also exhausting. So consider all your option before you start your adventure! Create the experience of your lifetime and find all the essential factors to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

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