Clare Lynton
July 16, 2020

Not Just A Pretty Feed: Yeri Afriyani

Bold, energetic and colourful is how you can describe Yeri Afriyani's approach to life. Her photos read of escapades across food, style and most importantly - her fashion label, Calla the Label. Having grown it from the ground up two years ago, to one of Indonesia's most adored fashion brands and community - she credits her travels as her inspiration for her work (she's a self-trained designer!).

She and husband (read his story here) also own an experiential marketing company Kyooki+. So you could say they are the perfect storytellers. A duo used to evoking a feeling or 'experience' through both brand events. Then switching over and capturing their travels within the fabric and patterns that define Calla.

We chat to Yeri about her creative process, creating a community with her #callasquad and unity in diversity.

Tell us your story Yeri. How has travel shaped your life and work?

I'm founder and designer for Calla the Label here in Indonesia, a fashion brand I run with my husband Roi Mitchel. When we're not travelling, I love to cook, garden, and clean the house (yes I'm one of those people who love cleaning!). For the last 11 years, I've also helped Roi with marketing at Kyooki+.

Travelling became our “thing” ever since we got married. But it's also become much more important to me as a designer when we launched the Calla brand in the last few years. Travel provides me huge inspiration and references for the moodboards I create. Because I design streetwear, it's all there on my travels, because I simply look at what's happening on the street. I wouldn't say my process is that of a “formal workshop” designer. So the colours on the street, along with Roi's perfect captures of it for reference are all used. Lucky me!

What does ‘being real’ mean to you? In your own travel content, and in the travel content that you look for?

I love to share fun and honest stories. I do everything without really editing things at all on my stories, and I don't try to look 'perfect' all the time. I'd definitely say I'm a “city” girl - I love to go for coffee or out to restaurants, hoping or just sit outside and watch the world pass by. Then, I search for unique spots to photograph - because they may lead to a whole new collection for Calla!

What role do you think travel plays in bringing together different cultures — both offline and online?

I believe travel brings unity in diversity. This is also the tagline we use in Calla’s community, through #callasquad. We foster a community where people are proud of everything they have, their shape and varying backgrounds - and bring this diversity together in that they will all look awesome in Calla!

I love sharing my experiences of travel with our #callasquad, because travel is a part of the brand itself. We run a huge campaign called #travelwithcalla, and very often the squad ask me to share the itinerary and to do list for some travel destination tips.

Who do you love following for their real travel stories?

  • Alexander Thian (@amrazing) —Indonesian travel blogger. His feed is just awesome.
  • Kenny Santana(@kartuposinsta)—travel consultant and blogger. Love when he shares the cafes and restaurants he visits on his travels.
  • Roi Mitchel (@roimitchel) —I love the colours of his photography, and his captions are always clear (just like when he briefs our team at the office).

See more of Yeri's work on her feed @yeriafriani or check out her fashion brand @callathelabel.


This is part of Not Just A Pretty Feed, our Q&A series with creators across the world, uncovering their unique and diverse travel stories. We learn how travel has shaped their lives, influenced their work, and what being real in the world of travel content means to them.

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