Nicole Tj
October 12, 2022

Creator-led Commerce for the Future of Travel - Part Three

Creators are already changing how we discover, plan and book travel - we just don’t see the full picture yet.

We believe that creators are crucial to the future of travel, and our mission at Travis is to empower a new generation of travel creators to earn. This is Part 2 three-part blog series, exploring:

Travis is empowering the next generation of travel creators to earn

Travis Bookable Links makes creator travel recommendations bookable.

In the same way that LTK (LikeToKnowIt) pioneered creator-led shopping for fashion, and made creator outfits shoppable (to a value of $3B GMV in 2021) - we are taking a similar approach at Travis, for travel.

Here are four key features:

  1. Bookable Links - making any travel content bookable. Creators have the ability to create individual, unique links to hotel brands they recommend. These work well to accompany a hotel room tour on Instagram Stories, or
  2. Creator Travel Shopfronts - an optimised visual experience. This is a visual interface to all bookable travel recommendations - best shared on all channels creators are currently reaching their followers.
  3. Integrated Bookings - a seamless consumer experience. When consumers click on a consumers are led through an end-to-end booking experience on Travis, with competitive hotel room rates and seasonal deals.
  4. Earn & Cash Out - a transparent way for creators to track and grow earnings over time, with a simple cash out process.

Creator-led commerce is a win-win-win for the travel and tourism industry

The benefits lie beyond enabling creators to earn. With a creator-led commerce model, we are enabling travelers to discover, plan and book travel more efficiently - while driving new revenue for tourism brands at scale.

  1. Creators earn from bookable travel recommendations - Creators have a new stream for recurring, passive income - from bookings they are already driving with their content. They get the opportunity to earn from brands that they genuinely love and would use themselves, instead of just the ones with an active influencer program and budget. And all of this, with less effort.
  1. Travelers are able to book at the point of travel inspiration - Travelers explore recommendations showcased by their favorite creators, and are presented with an intuitive next action that doesn’t exist today - the option to click through directly to the booking page - with rich information about the hotel, rates, availabilities - and complete the booking without being handed-off to yet another site, or having to do further research yourself. If they’re not ready to book yet, simply save it into a Travis Moodboard to continue trip planning, and book later when ready.
  1. Brands amplify their reach and trust through niche creator communities - Brands from hotels to tours and activities, to accessories - amplify their reach and opportunity for bookings, especially with consumers in new segments or niches, through creator communities at scale.

Ultimately, incentives between creators and brands are re-aligned

Brands only pay creators a commission once bookings are confirmed - not for an agreed upon scope of content deliverables upfront, regardless of post performance. And creators don’t have the hassle of individually DM-ing 200 brands just to get one project worth $500. The barrier to start earning as a creator is lower, and the ability for brands to work with more creators at scale, is made more possible.

This post is the Part 3 of Part 1: The New Generation of Travel Creators.

If you’re a creator, get started with Bookable Links. If you’re a traveler, plan your trips on Moodboards. If you’re a hotel, find out more. Want to share a related experience or perspective? Email

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