Nicole Tj
March 1, 2022

How To Set Up Hotel Guides on iPads - Like A Pro!

You've got your newly curated Hotel Guides.

They're interactive. They're packed full of your insider recommendations to the area that excite and delight. And best of all, your guests can start saving places to visit in their own time, to start building their very own personalised trip with you.

Yes, your reception / front desk is one of the best touchpoints to implement Hotel Guides in your guest experience.

Whether you decide to have it set up on display with a nifty iPad holder, or get your front desk team to whip out the iPad when guests stop by to ask for recommendations (yes, you can keep those photocopied map pages away) - it's all up to you and how you want to deliver your guest experience.

Follow these 4 steps to set up your Guides on iPads - like a Pro!

  1. Open your Guides in your iPad browser (you can scan the QR code to get there too) - check that you're logged out of your account. This prevents users from clicking into your editable settings.
  2. Save to Home Screen - this helps you access it quickly as an app.
  3. Open it via the Home Screen
  4. iPad set up: To lock this in landscape mode and prevent the screen from turning off, triple click the home button.

Remember - we're here to help you deliver unforgettable guest experiences! Drop us a line at with questions or to book in a time.

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