Nicole Tj
January 25, 2022

Five Reasons to Visit Vegas in 2022

Las Vegas goes by many names, including “The Entertainment Capital of The World” and “Sin City.” Just by those, you can already imagine the buzz and throngs of activity all day and all night. Though that activity took a hit when many establishments in the city had to close at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNN reported last year that Las Vegas was reopening better and stronger than ever. There are new casinos like Resorts World Las Vegas, new restaurants like the Italian Al Solito Posto, and other emerging attractions such as Elon Musk’s Convention Center Loop. So for those itching to travel again, Las Vegas makes for a great 2022 destination.

Here are five reasons why Las Vegas is on our getaway list in 2022....

1. It offers a great shopping experience

Shopping in Las Vegas doesn’t always have to be expensive — some outlets in fact sell designer items at huge discounts. The Las Vegas Premium Outlets South, for instance, has items from big names such as Lacoste and Nike at very reasonable prices. And if you don’t mind gently used goods, pawnshops like EZPawn offer high-value items like jewellery and antiques much cheaper than their newer counterparts. That said, if you feel like you want to splurge, there's no better place for it. In particular, check out the Grand Canal Shoppes –– an upscale mall with stores like Burberry and Jimmy Choo, as well as a man-made river where you can take a gondola ride. Take photos and videos and spruce them up with editing apps like Tezza to take your Instagram feed to the next level.

2. It hosts the World Series Of Poker

The World Series of Poker is arguably the most prestigious gaming event in the world, and it happens to take place in Vegas. The event is broadcasted on TV, but you can also watch it in person for free. The 2021 WSOP represented a return to action following the pandemic, and its 88 total events ran throughout the fall season. Typically however, the WSOP begins in the final week of May and runs for about seven weeks into the heart of the summer. For some time now the event has taken place at the Rio, but beginning in 2022 it will be held at Bally’s Hotel & Casino –– which actually makes it more accessible to fans, as this venue is closer to the core of the main Vegas "Strip" (where the popular hotels and casinos are). Stop by and you'll be sure to enjoy watching the pros in action. You may even be inspired to hit the tables yourself.

3. It holds great shows

As "The Entertainment Capital of The World," Vegas definitely puts on some world-class live shows. One of the best in town is the Absinthe at Caesars Palace, which is a combination of comedy, acrobatics, burlesque, cabaret, and the traditional circus. It’s a spectacle that will confuse but also amaze you. Meanwhile, one of the newer shows in the city is The Wynn’s Lake of Dreams. It runs for only three to five minutes, but makes for an incredible and immersive experience that uses state-of-the-art technology like elaborate laser mapping and animatronics. Even beyond these two highlights though, Vegas is full to bursting with entertaining shows –– from dances, to rock concerts, to themed circuses.

4. It has incredible food options

Las Vegas is a culinary destination for everyone, with options that range from creations by Michelin-starred chefs to cheap bites. Bardot Brasserie, owned by celebrity chef Michael Mina, presents classic dishes with modern touches — such as brioche French toast with vanilla mascarpone and almond brittle, and Hunter’s Waffle with duck confit and poached eggs. For an old-timey go-to, Freed’s Bakery has been a local favourite since 1959. Here, you can buy a pair of macarons or a slice of wedding cake for less than the price of Vegas coffee. But as with entertainment options, these are just two of virtually unending examples. If you like to eat, you'll have a blast exploring Las Vegas.

5. It houses cool museums

Museums probably aren’t at the top of your mind when you think about Las Vegas, but rest assured there are some interesting ones in town. For instance, the Neon Museum, which started as the “neon boneyard,” is a yard that contains about 120 neon icons of renovated or imploded casinos. Meanwhile, the Aria Fine Art Collection houses works by top contemporary artists like Maya Lin and Frank Stella. You can take a self-guided tour for free, and enjoy placards about the art and artists.

Given this range of attractions, and the reinvigorated nature of the city, it's hard to think of a better place to add to your travel list this year.

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