Catherine Xi
August 4, 2021

6 Photo Editing Apps on Mobile To Take Your Travel Stories to the Next Level

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a casual user of the ‘gram, it is not a secret that posting high quality images can make a huge difference towards your engagement and brand. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of six of our favourite photo-editing apps to help you elevate your travel stories and possibly achieve influencer status!

Photo by Tezza

1. Tezza

Created by photographer and influencer Tezza, Tezza is a photo and video-editing app that can help take your Insta feed to the next level. Rather than having to fork out cash to buy presets from influencers, this app will let you achieve the aesthetics of Kendal Jenner, Cara Delevigne and even Tezza herself, for just $1.99 a month. Our personal fave filter on the app is Tangerine, we reckon it’s perfect for cheeky bikini pics at the Bahamas!

Adobe confirms Lightroom iOS photos erased due to update bug are 'not  recoverable' - 9to5Mac
Photo by Michael Potuck 

2. Adobe Lightroom

If you’ve loved using Lightroom on your desktop, Adobe has also made a mobile version that is sure to impress! Being completely free, Lightroom mobile offers all the features as the desktop version, but with the bonus of being portable and being more easily accessible. With a wide range of editing capabilities, presets, and portrait enhancement features, Lightroom will elevate your iPhone snaps into looking like professional images!

Prisma offline mode puts filters on your disconnected iPhone - SlashGear
Photo by Chris Davies

3. Prisma

The next app is for you artistic souls out there! Created by five Russian developers, Prisma is an app that is aiming to revolutionise the future of photo-editing. Utilising state of the art A.I technology, Prisma converts your basic iPhone snapshots into artwork resembling the likes of Van Gogh and Picasso. Feel like you’ve seen too many generic shots of the Eiffel Tower on your feed recently? Stand out from the rest by transforming your pic into a piece of modern art!

Photo by YYC Girl Gang

4. A Color Story

A Color Story is the dream app for any filter addict. With over 500 filters to choose from, a single shot can be used to convey hundreds of different emotions. The app developers focused specifically on making colours pop rather than dulling them down, so your vibrant shots of the Great Barrier Reef or Hosier Lane can appear even brighter than ever before! Once you start using this app, perhaps a Travis story showcasing the most colourful destinations will be on the horizon.

App Store Specials of the Day: Afterlight, Zero Views, WiFi Explorer, and more!
Photo by

5. Afterlight

If you’re still a beginner with photo-editing, then Afterlight might be the app for you! Afterlight offers all the tools you would need to edit a photo and lays them out in a simple minimalistic fashion. Gone are the days of searching up tutorials and racking your brain in order to understand how to use an app. Now, you can get your shots primed and ready to post on your story in a matter of minutes!

TouchRetouch - a photos editing app to erase unwanted objects on iOS and  Android
Photo by Rida Irman 

6. Touch Retouch 

At Travis, we understand that photos don’t always turn out the way you planned. We have all had our experiences being photobombed by strangers in our travel shots and having pimples ruin our perfect selfies. However, with Touch Retouch, you can remove unwanted objects from your pictures with a few easy strokes, solving this problem once and for all! Now, you can upload stunning shots to Instagram and Travis stories without annoying passerbys ruining your vibe.

That’s everything about the six photo-editing apps we’ve been loving lately!

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