Nicole Tj
March 5, 2022

Exciting Things to do in Mexico City

ake whatever opinion you have of Mexico right now and toss it in the bin. Even if you have a favorable view of Mexico, the experience you will get in Mexico City will put those views in the shade.

This destination is worthy of being on everyone’s bucket list, even just for its rich culture alone. Pair that with its incredible history and some of the best food in the world, and there's almost no arguing against this crowd-favorite destination. Pack your pesos and the loosest pants you have. It is time for a journey built on culture, cuisine, and Cerveza.

Image credit: Quintonil

Where to eat in Mexico City

You really have to explore the local neighborhoods yourself to understand just how much there is on offer here. Throughout your adventures, you will discover street vendors, cantinas, and small family-owned eateries that can deliver memorable experiences for minimal pesos. There are far too many restaurants to name, but there are three of the most famous and popular options that should be on your bucket list:

  • Pujol: One of the best travel tricks is to eat where the locals eat. Pujol is one of the absolute top restaurants in Mexico City, and Chef Enrique Olvera's passion for his culture and history shines through every dish. Best of all, it is popular with tourists AND locals.And if you want our top tip for a dish to try out, we recommend the tasting cuisine of coffee tamale, ice cream hazelnut and milk foam. Yum.

  • Quintonil: Quintonil presents the freshness and talent of Mexico's next generation of chefs, along with the best of its fresh and local produce under the leadership of chef Jorge Vallejo. This restaurant provides a tasting menu that includes crab tostadas with spices and herbs, and its distinctive cactus sorbet is one of the best in Mexico. You can try this tasting menu out for $3,280 MXN or add the pairing on top for $5,235 MXN.

  • Rosetta: This elegant restaurant provides diners with a delightful environment in the trendy Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. This cuisine is rooted in deep respect of Mexican ingredients and distinguished by its innovative twists and unique combinations. It is known for the unique creations of chef Elena Reygadas and more traditional dishes, and its à la carte menu changes seasonally based on the availability of fresh ingredients.

Image credit: Licoreria Limantour

The best places to grab a drink in Mexico City

You will want to seek out a local cantina in Mexico City to quench your thirst. But with a keen eye and some research, you’ll find there’s a ton of exciting bars to satisfy your cocktail cravings in this thriving location. If you’re asking us though, we’d top our lists with these three sure-fire winners. Drink your fill of Cerveza and chase the worm at the bottom of a bottle of tequila at:

  • Licorería Limantour: If you love a cocktail and want to try the best local ingredients and produce at the same time, you are going to be in heaven here. 
  • Artemisia: The science of cocktail making is a high priority here. In addition to drinks that are bitter, sweet, and herbal drinks, they incorporate mezcal, gin, and bitters in a fusion that recalls the barmen of the early 20th century, while also being fresh and innovative. We recommend the Je Ne Sais Quoi craft cocktail for $220 MXN.
  • La Montejo: Looking for an authentic experience? There are plenty of cocktail and mixology bars around but La Montejo has remained open and maintained its authentic image. This is in spite of many traditional and authentic cantinas closing throughout Mexico. FYI, it’s a house – built in the 1960s, it has three floors with an old swing door, two cantinas and a restaurant on top. Experience authentic Mexican cuisine, cold beer and cocktails can be expected here.

Explore the cultural side of Mexico City 

While eating and drinking your way through Mexico City is already a dream, you would be robbing yourself of some of the most spectacular cultural experiences in the world by not exploring the other wonders around. Some of our top picks include: 

  • National Museum of Anthropology: Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology boasts one of the largest collections of Mayan artifacts dating back to pre-Columbian times. There is an informative guide that discusses the history and archaeology of exhibitions, including the Aztec Calendar and Maya tomb reconstructions.

  • The Teotihuacan Pyramids: Over four million people visit Mesoamerica's pre-Columbian pyramids and temples every year. A well-preserved glimpse of life on these grounds from 2000 years ago can be found within these ancient ruins, featuring intricate statues and murals.

  • Museo Frida Kahlo (Frida Kahlo Museum): Discover the personal world of Mexico's most renowned artist at the Museo Frida Kahlo. A museum honoring Kahlo has been created in the flamboyantly blue house where she grew up, lived, and died. As you walk through the museum, you will gain a sense of Kahlo's lifestyle and her wealthier, bohemian counterparts.

Of course, don't book your entire holiday in Mexico City alone. There is so much to explore in the country from the beaches of Cancun to traditional villages and archaeological and natural marvels. Take the time to soak as much as you can in, because there’s so much on offer here. 

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