Catherine Xi
August 31, 2021

3 US Female Vanlifers to Inspire Your Next Roadtrip

Wanderlust is definitely affecting us all in 2021, with more and more people making the decision to drop their corporate jobs and explore the world by van. Vanlife is definitely something that you should have on your bucket list, but before you purchase a van and hop onto the road, read up on experiences from three of our favourite US female vanlifers!

1. Jessie (

Born and raised in California, Jessie has always had a love for travel. During her early years, she spent time travelling internationally, but soon realised that there was so much more to see and explore within her own continent. This sparked the start of her vanlife journey, where she began spending time on the road using some savings from a previous job. Now, she is able to sustain this lifestyle full-time by working at the town she has chosen to settle in.

Jessie and her dog Shashta in front of her van

When asked what her favourite thing about vanlife is, Jessie mentions that she enjoys the independence and the friends she has made along the journey.

“I’ve been forced to become stronger through solo travel and I’m so proud of myself,” Jessie explains, “but I don’t think I would have lived out of my van this long if I never met the other amazing Vanlife people.”

Jessie also explains that being in the van boosts her creativity because she is forced to face important things about herself that she otherwise could ignore. She believes it was these important lessons that helped bring to life her poetry book ‘The Journey to Find my Broken Pieces’.

2. Brenda (@theroadthroughmyeyes)

Brenda was introduced to the idea of vanlife when she began dwelling more into minimalistic and simplistic living. She had set a goal to purchase a house by the age of 30, and was looking to downsize from her studio apartment which still felt like too much space.

However, as she set out on her hunt for tiny homes, she figured, why put a house in one place when she could have it on wheels? Brenda was already a lover of nature and hiking, and regularly spent time over weekends exploring different destinations. So the thought of being able to have her house at all these amazing locations seemed like a dream come true!

The Interior of Brenda’s Van

Now, Brenda spends her life on the road with her pup, Ranger. She has travelled all across the US, visiting states such as Utah and Arizona, and is currently exploring the natural sights of the Oregon Coast. However, as someone who values financial freedom, Brenda still spends time working at her 9-5, and is focusing on putting her savings into investments. On her website, Brenda is passionate about spreading the word that it is possible to work a traditional job while travelling the world.

Brenda’s puppy Ranger follows her on her adventures

3. Halle (@halleswanderingsoul)

In summer of 2019, just 3 days after graduating college, Halle made the ambitious decision to hit all 48 connecting US states in her Kia Soul. This experience allowed her to develop a love for the outdoors and solo-travel, which kickstarted her vanlife journey. At the age of 23, Halle has spent the past few years exploring the US, and has recently crossed off her 50th state.

Halle exploring Channel Islands National Park

For Halle, travel is not only about ticking off bucket list destinations, but also about soul searching, reconnecting with mother nature and healing her past. Vanlife in particular appealed to her, as it offered the perfect solution for her to travel full time without having to pay for an apartment.

When asked about why she decided to jump into travelling at such a young age, Halle explains that she has always wanted to travel, and wished to make her dream a reality rather than merely fantasising about it while working a dead end job. In order to fund her nomadic lifestyle, Halle primarily works remotely, but also dabbles occasionally in seasonal work. As of this year, she has also began selling her art on the internet.

Halle in her Sprinter Van

However, despite having ticked off so many destinations at a young age, Halle's vanlife journey is still far from over. As of present, she is exploring the snowy alps of Alaska and later plans to return to California to pick up her new rig. For everyone who is considering leaving everything behind to kickstart a new life on the road, Halle urges you to take that first step as she believes there are destinations out there that are waiting for you to arrive.

That’s everything on the 3 US Vanlifers that are Inspiring Us to Travel the World!

Remember to read up on the COVID-19 restrictions where you are before travelling. Not sure where to visit on your Vanlife journey? Check out our other blog posts on 9 Regional Victorian Stays Worthy of your $200 Travel Voucher and 7 Roadtrip Guides for your Next Weekend Escape out of Sydney.

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