Best Street Food in Dallas

Every region has its favourite street food and Dallas is no stranger to big, bold, punchy flavours served on its bustling streets. Stalls, small trucks, bicycles, you name it. If looking for the best street food is high on your travel list, explore the best snacks and beverages recommended by our fanatical foodie lovers on Travis - from the fried and tasty to the fresh and zingy.

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In Dallas, it's easy to see why street food has everyone from hungry everyday patrons to Michelin star chefs taking their place in a line. Their make-shift kitchens may be small, but street food in Dallas is full of soul. While it's true that fresh, vibrant and authentic street food can be found everywhere on the streets of Dallas, it can be difficult to separate the hidden gems from the tourist traps. Time isn't always on your side, but your ultimate travel companion, Travis, is.

With Travis, you can easily search for the best stall vendors without needing a chaperone or years of street-food smarts. Satisfy your curiosity and discover recipe secrets passed down from generation to generation, with recommendations from foodies you (and your tastebuds) can trust. And if you're all snacked out for today, you can save all of your favourite links for tomorrow's hunger pangs.

You're only in Dallas for so long. Negotiate your limited street food bites with the most collaborative visual travel planner. With Travis, you and your travel companions can collect, organise and map out the best places to visit - all in one place!

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