Best Cafes in Salt Lake City

So many cafes to visit in Salt Lake City, but only so much caffeine your body can take. And besides, you're not in Salt Lake City to slug down a mug from the closet corner. You're there to sit back, unwind and sip the best darn crema in town. Explore the finest coffee spots on offer - from the quirky and vegan to the trendy and bougie.

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But if you'd prefer sightseeing to screen time spent seeking out top-rated brews or lesser-known local favourites, we've got you covered. With Travis, you can easily search for the best espresso, filter coffee, nitro, cold brew, pour-over or anything with 'mylk' you can find in Salt Lake City. Because why should you settle for just any cafe when you can browse a curated collection of cafes hand-picked by your fellow coffee aficionados. It's easy to see why cafes are a way of life in this city.

Regardless of your criteria, some of the world's best roasters and baristas can be found here. From ground-breaking brunches cooked up by restaurateurs to hole-in-the-wall coffee nooks that are all about the beans, there's a cafe experience to be discovered by everyone through Travis. And if there are too many delicious options for today's brunch spot, you can save all of your favourite links for tomorrow's.

You're only in Salt Lake City for so long. Negotiate your limited coffee stops with the most collaborative visual travel planner. With Travis, you and your travel companions can collect, organise and map out the best places to visit - all in one place!

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