Nicole Tj
March 30, 2023

Visiting Tequila in Mexico: Your Travel Guide

Why is Tequila, Mexico so popular?

We love Tequila (the place) for so many reasons. Here are our top 4:

  1. Obviously, they make Tequila (the spirit). They’re mad about Tequila here and they’ve been growing agave, making Tequila and mixing drinks for a long time. They know what they’re doing.
  2. The party. Tequila is one of few places in Mexico where you can drink in the streets. There’s a real party atmosphere. It’s a great time.
  3. The history. The passion for Tequila is deeply rooted in this town. Generations upon generations of families have made Tequila here for years. 
  4. The tours. Even if you don’t usually take tours on your holidays, Tequila tours in Mexico are well worth the investment of your time and money. You’ll learn heaps and it’s a great way to find out which Tequilas you prefer.

Where is Tequila, Mexico located?

Tequila is in Jalisco, a state of Mexico, about 60km (37 miles) from the capital city of Guadalajara. 

How to get to Tequila, Mexico

Getting to Tequila, Mexico is a real choose-your-own-adventure!

  • If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or just love locomotives, The Jose Cuervo Express is the option for you. The tequila train departs from Guadalajara each Saturday (and some other days). Tequila is served during the trip and you’ll have a great view of the blue agave fields.
  • Take the Tequila Plus bus from Guadalajara to Tequila 
  • There’s also a carpooling app called BlaBlaCar where you can book a seat in someone’s car in advance. 
  • Or, book a private tour from Guadalajara

Where to stay

Where you stay depends on the kind of holiday you want – and there are plenty of options. Stay closer to the centre of town and you’ll be amongst the action, cup of cantaritos in hand, swaying to the mariachi. On the outskirts, drinks and souvenirs are a bit cheaper and not too far beyond that you’re in the beautiful agave fields.


To immerse yourself in Tequila, book yourself a unique room in an empty barrel at the gorgeous Matices Hotel de Barricas. Tequila tasting, guided tours and extras like massages and local horseriding are available.  

For a luxury experience in the centre of town, Hotel Solar de las Ánimas reflects Mexican architecture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This place is sexy.

For a comfortable room without the theatrics, take a look at Hotel Santa Teresa.

Things to do in Tequila, Mexico

Tequila tours in Mexico

You’re in Tequila. They make Tequila. And the glorious Blue Agave plants are growing around you. A Tequila tour in Mexico is certainly on the cards.

If you’re new to Tequila (the town and the spirit), any of the major tours are a great starting point. If you don’t understand Spanish, you may want to confirm there will be a bilingual guide. 

Train tours

Private tours

If you have a small group, The Agave Experience tours are very well-regarded and it’s worth checking them out.

Boutique distilleries 

If you already know the kinds of Tequilas you prefer, you can reach out to individual smaller distilleries in advance to see if they offer tours. Distilleries like La Fortaleza require tours to be booked at least a day in advance, preferably you would book these before you arrive in Tequila. Casa Sauza offers unique experiences including planting agave.

Food and drink

Back at Hotel Solar de las Ánimas you’ll find one of the best-known restaurants, La Antigua Casona.

If dive bars are your thing, try and find Tequila’s oldest bar, La Capilla. It’s on the corner of México and Hidalgo, Centro, Tequila (there’s no obvious sign). Enjoy the drink of their creation - the delicious Batanga (cola, tequila lime and salt).

There are plenty of street food (and drink) stalls in the town centre and a great atmosphere. You can buy a traditional clay jar which is refillable and buy cantaritos (cocktails with tequila, grapefruit, orange, lime, and salt) at different stands.


  • Visit the National Tequila Museum in the Tequila Town Hall for a taste of the history of the region.
  • Put on your walking shoes and go chasing waterfalls at Cascada Los Azules.

Tequila tasting tips

Tasting Tequila is similar to tasting gin. Try these five simple steps:

  1. Take a breath 
  2. Take a sip 
  3. Inhale through your nose
  4. Swallow
  5. Exhale over your tongue

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