Catherine Xi
March 13, 2021

Travis Community Feature - Tess Moore

Introducing our Community Feature series! Our diverse community of travel lovers inspire us daily to live curiously, and be open to new experiences that we've never known or experienced before. Here's where we get to know them a little more...

Meet Tess.

Tess is a Perth native who has a knack for discovering new places and capturing them on camera! A work placement in the far North West of Australia in Broome led to the creation of her own travel blog at We love her fun-spirited travels, and her Travis roadtrip guides to Broome and Southwest Western Australia truly packs a punch! Read on.


1. Tell us about yourself in 3 fun facts. (Where you grew up, what you do for work, something unexpected etc.)

I've always lived in Perth, Western Australia but have only started to explore this beautiful state in the last couple of years. My passion for travelling and exploring was ignited by my first international trip to Japan nearly 8 years ago... I've been back to Japan 3 more times since!

A work volunteering placement in Broome, in Australia's North West, for 2 months in 2019 made me fall madly in love with WA and that's when I decided to start my travel blog to share my Australian travel experiences in full detail. 


Broome Western Australia Tessomewhere Travis

2. How has travelling shaped you as a person? Has there been a particularly memorable trip destination for you?

There's no other feeling like jumping on a plane or packing up the car for a road trip! Being able to experience new places, cultures, foods and see incredible sights has changed my perspective on life. My time in Broome in 2019 definitely taught me a lot about myself, but also gave me the time to reflect on the creative passions I would like to pursue. 


3. When I’m not working, you’ll find me…

Either taking a local trip or planning future trips, exploring Perth and surrounds or at home with my husband and our fur baby, our adopted cat. 


4. Where’s your favourite place to go in Australia? Could be a hidden gem, a local fave, a holiday go-to...

If you've seen my Instagram or my Travis guides, you know I absolutely LOVE Broome and the Kimberley region. The landscapes and natural sights up there are just incredible, very unique and leave me feeling in awe of our beautiful country. 

5. Spill the beans.. What do you find most frustrating in your travel planning process?

I get really bad FOMO and always want to plan the perfect trip! I'll save lots of things that I see on the internet, on Instagram, on Pinterest and on GoogleMaps and find it so time consuming when I sit down to actually go through all the information I've amassed in a million different places!

6. How is Travis helping you make this easier? What are you most excited about in a brand new travel platform for millennial and Gen Z travellers?

Travis makes this process soo much easier by allowing you to explore a range of trips with travel tips by locals, as well as the visual planning aspect where you can save places onto the visual moodboard! Game changer!

7. Top 3 Aussie destinations you’re itching to visit post-COVID?

I find it so hard to narrow down just to three, but if I HAVE to choose it would be;

1. Tropical North Queensland (waterfall chasing anyone?)

2. Uluru and some of the incredible national parks in the Northern Territory

3. South Australia - the wine regions, Kangaroo Island and rock pool hunting along the Yorke Peninsula. 

Thanks to Tess for the interview. Click here to check out her guides on Travis, sign up to start discovering, saving and planning your own trips.

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