Catherine Xi
March 16, 2021

Travis Community Feature - Krystal McKinley

Introducing our Community Feature series! Our diverse community of travel lovers inspire us daily to live curiously, and be open to new experiences that we've never known or experienced before. Here's where we get to know them a little more..

Meet Krystal McKinley.

Self-taught photographer Krystal has a passion for all things outdoors and nature! From an insider's view of Newcastle, NSW, to uncovering the best of NSW regions like Port Stephens, Jervis Bay, and Byron Bay - you're sure to discover something new about Australia's largest state that you never knew before. Delve right into her Travis guides, or read on to learn more about her.

1. Tell us about yourself in 3 fun facts.

I’m a Novocastrian, which means I’m a native of Newcastle in Australia, a beautiful coastal city! Not many people know this but I actually work in an adult retail shop, I get sooo many questions when I tell people! And I was once on TV having been interviewed by the local news when I was younger to help promote more women participating in soccer!

2. How has travelling shaped you as a person? Has there been a particularly memorable trip destination for you?

Travelling has inspired me to be more open minded and to step outside of my comfort zones. I can get stressed at times and worry way too much about the little things in life but one particular trip to Mo’orea, an island just off the coast of Tahiti has helped me take a step back, chill out and just go with the flow.

3. When I’m not working, you’ll find me…

Doing wedding photography casually, or dreaming of my next adventure!

4. Where’s your favourite place to go in Australia? Could be a hidden gem, a local fave, a holiday go-to…

Australia has so many incredible spots it’s always hard to choose a favourite! I would have to say though that Jervis Bay and Magnetic Island are high on my list.

5. Spill the beans.. What do you find most frustrating in your travel planning process?

For me the most frustrating part of travel planning is what clothes to pack! I like to keep my luggage light but always manage to pack clothes I never end up wearing, but it’s good to have options right?!

6. How is Travis helping you make this easier? What are you most excited about in a brand new travel platform for millennial and Gen Z travellers?

Although Travis can’t help too much about my packing situation, the platform has really opened my eyes to so many hidden gems from other travellers' stories. It’s also so great to also utilise the moodboard to save for future travels.

7. Top 3 Aussie destinations you’re itching to visit post-COVID?

Uluru in the NT, Exmouth in WA and somewhere tropical up North!

Thanks Krystal! Click here to check out her guides on Travis or sign up to Travis below to start discovering, planning and collaborating on your next getaway!

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