Nicole Tj
January 3, 2023

Travel Creator 101: A 3 Step Guide for Creators at All Stages

Welcome to: Travel Creator 101

Strap in, listen up. This is NOT a guide about beating the Insta algorithm or the latest TikTok trends. We all know how tiresome and overwhelming it gets when you're keeping up with your daily content creation, growing your engagement and actual traveling itself. You barely have any time to step back from the content itself, review and refine what it is that you offer your community as a travel creator.

Here's your guide to upping your creator game in 3 easy practical lessons - we hope you find this a useful guide at any stage of your creator journey.

🎯Lesson 1: Define your Why

This helps define your niche, and your target community. Wondering where to begin? We got you.

✏️ Your homework:

  1. What is my purpose as a travel creator? Why do I do what I do?
  2. What do I want to be known for?
  3. What do my followers come to me for?

Now is the time to do some reflecting on who your content (and potentially products or services) is providing targeted value to.

Cheat sheet | Ideas to get your juices flowing:

  • Is budget travel my thing?
  • Am I an expert at a specific region or city?
  • Am I  the go to for luxury (or insert your style here) traveler.
  • Pet-friendly? Easy.
  • I’m up for being your secret foodie spot guru

💡 Keep in mind:

These answers should be unique to you and your travel creator brand. The more specific the better. Your answers are meant to help guide your content - yes, your content will primarily be about your travels of course, but these responses will allow them to shine with your personal lens.

Feeling stuck? Your response should also remind you of why you’re doing this when you feel overwhelmed through your journey (it happens)!

How often? You can review these over time, set a date in your calendar 3-6 months from today. See if they still hold true, or adjust them as you grow!

Lesson 2: Learn from other creators

Time to learn from creators who inspire you to do what you do.

✏️ Your homework:

  1. List 3 creators that are 1-2 years ahead of you or who feel more established in their online presence.
  2. What are 3 things I’ve learnt from them that I can try out myself?

Cheat sheet | Ideas to get your juices flowing:

  • What is their niche?
  • How have they honed in on this? (Content topics / formats / brand collaborations)
  • Are they partnering with brands, stays or products that align with my interests, audience and who I am?

💡 Keep in mind:

Don’t let this exercise allow unhealthy comparison creep in. Numbers are just numbers and behind every beautiful seamless looking trip can be real life hardships, logistics hiccups and content creator struggles.

Looking for other fellow creators to connect with? Get started on Travis and receive your invite to Travis Travel Club - our exclusive online community for travel creators.

🎨 Lesson 3: Deliver unique value

Time to think beyond Reels, and actually be real with your community while providing real value.

Aesthetic content only goes so far. The more you serve your community with your unique perspective and insights - the more they will see you as a thought leader in the space. Some easy ways to do this:

  • Moodboards! You’ve got great taste. A moodboard curated by you will help your followers plan and be inspired by your recommendations. Go the extra mile and including checklists, important notes and packing lists. Here’s an example of a great one.
  • Build up your travel creator profile. Make things easier for your followers. Your creator profile is a single place where followers can book hotels you recommend, plan trips from your moodboards and see your other services and external links. (Think of it as a travel creator friendly + prettier link in bio)

💡Keep in mind:

One of the best times to grow as a travel creator is actually when you are NOT traveling. Use any downtime, holidays and your travel off seasons to organize, strategize and work on your next best steps.

✏️ Your homework: Assign a week (or weekend if you’re feeling motivated) for each of these items on this creator update checklist.

  • Write 2 blog posts or longer form captions
  • Edit and organize past content. Make a folder of clips that can be repurposed.
  • Create 3 Travis Moodboards: one from a previous trip, a local one and one for a future trip.
  • Set up or update your Creator Shopfront (include those Bookable Links and Moodboards)
  • Clean up your IG story covers/highlights
  • Plan your upcoming posts. Need some ideas? Steal them here: xxx
  • Schedule in time and make goals for added assets/products/services you want to create or offer for 2023. Some ideas: newsletters, hosting group trips, downloadables, presets, destination based packing lists.

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