Catherine Xi
July 1, 2021

Six Queensland Guides for your Next Trip to the Sunshine State

From the dense canopies of Daintree Rainforest to the fluorescent colour formations of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland might be the closest you can get to paradise on earth. To inspire your next trip to this magical state, we’ve collected 6 guides which capture the true beauty of this region.

1. Discover Tropical North Queensland by Madeline (@thewininghills)

Keen for a trip up north? Follow Madeline on her recent trip to Tropical North Queensland where she explores some of the best hidden gems in the area, including Millaa Millaa Falls and Palm Cove!

2. Two Nights on Fitzroy Island by Lucy (@TheSecretOLife)

Calling all nature lovers and snorkelling fans! Lucy’s latest guide takes you around the tropical paradise of Fitzroy Island, which is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the country.

3. Reef to Rainforest - Tropical North QLD by Natasha (@lifeinminiaturepics)

Next up, Natasha’s guide to Tropical North Queensland will make you pumped up and ready for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you prefer serene beaches or lush rainforests, they’ve got you covered!

4. Tropical Queensland highlights by Eliza (@elizasum)

Feel like you’ve explored all the popular landmarks in the Sunshine State? Queensland is more than just the Great Barrier Reef - you can also dip your feet in rock pools and float through the sky in a hot air balloon! Check out Eliza’s guide to find out more.

5. Noosa, QLD in a Weekend by Danielle and Andrew (@littlesherpatravels)

Noosa is a must-visit location in Queensland, boasting tranquil national parks, amazing lookouts and world-class restaurants. Have a read of Danielle and Andrew’s guide to learn more about the best things this town has to offer!

6. Photographer's guide to the Scenic Rim by Alex (@spurwaya)

If you’re a photography fanatic or just a lover of beautiful lookouts, the Scenic Rim is the destination for you! Alex’s guide showcases the most picturesque and insta-worthy spots in this region, from the perspective of a photographer. 

We hope these six guides have broadened your perspective on everything the Sunshine State has to offer! Sign up to Travis to plan your next trip with ease, and click here to read more blog posts about our fav Aussie destinations!

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