Nicole Tj
September 2, 2021

Meet the Panel: Alec Ploof | Filmmaker, Photographer, Partnerships at Moment.

Alec Ploof shares his journey from creator, to supporting creators.

When Alec's not running partnerships and creator programs at Moment, he's behind the lens or the wheel, capturing the world around him in cinematic fashion. That's where his background in narrative filmmaking and love for photography collide. Now many photography enthusiasts are probably familiar with Moment mobile lenses, or their growing marketplace for all things photography gear - but beyond that, Moment has developed an incredible program for creators - from the Creator Squad, to Experiences where your favorite creators take you on adventures.

We're thrilled to have Alec Ploof join us on the Selection Panel of the Travis Travel Creator Fund! He shares with us more about his experience moving between the roles of creator - to being the biggest supporter of creators.

Hawaii, by Alec Ploof

Tell us about a memorable travel story that's left its mark on you.

That one time... I traveled for 10 days up the Pacific Coast Highway with two people who were strangers just the month before. Turns out when three Aries' come together they're even more spontaneous.

How did you start your career as a photographer/content creator - or working with creators?

I grew up as YouTube did, so I've always been part of this new creator world. Mostly as a hobbyist photographer with a background in narrative filmmaking, but now I get to use all of my interests and skills to help other creatives grow their revenue streams through Moment. 

How do you currently support early-stage creators in your own way?

Running partnerships at Moment has given me such a unique opportunity to connect with and help creatives from all around the world make more money through our seller platform. In my free time, I try to use my social network to continue to educate on different parts of the creator commerce world that interest me.

New York, by Alec Ploof

What do you look for in emerging creators today?

Talent and uniqueness is always the primary skill I look for, but their ability to market themselves and communicate with their audience is a trait I've seen in all the creators who have successfully built a business online.

How do you see creators continuing to play an important role in the travel industry in the next 5-10 years?

Independent creators will always be the main source of inspiration, education, and awareness of everything, but especially travel.


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Alec Ploof joins us on the selection panel of the Travis Travel Creator Fund. Celebrating diverse stories of people, places and experiences, by emerging creators taking the next steps in their passion projects, side hustles, and careers.

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