Nicole Tj
December 9, 2021

Meet Team Travis: Goran Spasojevic | Senior Front End Developer

Meet Goran Spasojevic - Senior Front End Developer at Travis. 

To say we’re super excited about growing our team, is an understatement. We believe that every single person who joins Team Travis adds to the strength of our vision, and aspirations to become a global travel platform for millennials and Gen Zs to curate their next best trips.

Based in Toronto, Goran grew up in Serbia, before moving to Canada at an early age. His knack for storytelling saw him start a career in PR, before curiosity of technology got the better of him and he fell in love with building digital tools and products over the last decade. And oh, he's a casual black belt in Karate, too! Get to know Goran in 9 questions.

What excites you about the future of travel with Travis?

I believe that the next few years will bring about a renaissance in travel, and I am excited to facilitate, share, and enjoy a part of it - however big or small. I am also inspired by the challenge of making big things happen with a small team, and making our massive planet feel a little more cozy.

Career story in a nutshell?

I fell in love in programming when I discovered the vast open source community -- people who are separated by distance, language, culture, and time are able to collaborate towards mutual goals with little incentives besides satisfying their own intellectual curiosities, and in the process creating value at a massive scale. Seemed pretty idyllic then; still inspires me today.

Fave recent project?

I built - the mightiest icons on the web. These 6000+ icons have been downloaded over 40,000 times across Figma, npm and GitHub! They’re fully editable and on an open source design system. 

Startup story?

I co-founded CoLife - a social events and payments app. It was an experiment to help people promote, realise, and celebrate offline events. We had a growing team, nearly 6 at one point, had great initial traction and feedback but never officially launched because COVID. 

How travel fits in your life...

I lived a nomadic lifestyle for several years - flying between coworking communities, global conferences, exotic adventures, a couple of weeks on a nomad cruise! 

I’ve visited…

Probably 50-100 cities across 25 countries? But who’s counting!

Most memorable travel experience?

That one time at Burning Man in 2017... you probably won't find this one in any travel guides lol. But it's so hard to choose... even the worst trips are still special (when I was liberated from all my belongings in Bari, Italy) and the most amazing ones are always tainted in some ways (fully catered living in a mansion in Medellin, Colombia)...

Travel is… 

Freedom. Perspective. Joy.

Emojis to describe your travels?



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