Nicole Tj
December 9, 2022

Launch Week Day 4: Even Better Trip Planning

Planning your next trip? What if we said you could create Checklists, Links AND AutoTranslate names of places you don't understand - right where you're planning trips on Travis Moodboards?

Mobiles screens showing different uses of Moodboard Notes

🤳 Notes: Checklists, Lists, Links & More

Well, Moodboards jut got a BIG upgrade! Notes now have more flexibility to format text the way you want, to accommodate different uses for different types of travel planners. Format them the way you want - with:

  • Styling: Bold Italic HEADER
  • Hyperlinks
  • Lists: Dot points, Numbered list, Checklist

5 ways to use Notes for even better trip planning:

✅ Checklists?
✅ Packing lists?
✅ Links?
✅ Plans?
✅ Instructions?

Just highlight your words in your notes to bring up the formatting bar.

Animation of translations

🤳 AutoTranslate

It'll be wonderful if we all spoke and understood all the languages in the world, but if you're just like us when you're planning trips you might come across names of places in a language you don't understand.

Now when you discover new places on the Moodboard, and save a Place - just tap on "Translate" and see it in English. It's easy:

  1. Clicking "Search this area".
  2. Save a place.
  3. Tap Translate.

Get started with even better trip planning

Learn more about our Moodboards and get started today for you next trip - big or small. We'd love to hear what you think!

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Visual trip planner with place on the left and map on the right