Nicole Tj
December 7, 2022

Launch Week Day 2: Bookable Links

What are Bookable Links?

If you're a travel creator, you know how challenging it can be to monetize your content and turn your passion for travel into a viable business.

But what if there was a simple way to earn commission on hotel bookings made by your followers? Introducing Bookable Links, a new product that makes it easy for creators to earn commission on hotel bookings made by their followers.

With Bookable Links, you can create a personalized link that you can share with your audience, allowing them to book hotels directly through your link. Whenever someone books a hotel through your link, you'll earn a commission on the total booking value.

Create your account today to get:

✅ Access to creator monetization features - Bookable Links and Shopfront
✅ Full list of 10,000 hotel partners you can earn from
✅ 10% cashback when you stay with our hotel partners

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Why use Bookable Links?

🍰 Easy to use

Bookable Links is simple to set up and use. All you need to do is create a personalized link and share it with your audience. You can easily track your earnings and see how much commission you're making on each booking.

😴 Earn while you sleep

With Bookable Links, you'll earn commission on hotel bookings made by your followers, even when you're not actively promoting the link. So, you can earn passive income while you're busy creating new content or traveling to your next destination.

💵 Help your followers save

By sharing your Bookable Links with your audience, you're not only helping yourself earn commission, but you're also helping your followers save on their hotel bookings. With access to exclusive deals and discounts, your followers can save money on their next trip, making them more likely to book through your link.

🤑 7.5% commission

Create your creator account by end of Dec 2022 and earn 50% more on Bookable Links for 3 months. Easy.

🏨 10,000 hotel partners + growing

10k hotels ready for you to earn from. From major hotels like Intercontinental, Marriott, Four Seasons, to independent boutique hotels -our hotel partners are spread around the world, with 80% in UK and Europe.

With new hotels added weekly, we are growing this at supersonic speed - to reach 500,000 hotels in 2023.

🔒 Best rates, secure bookings

We work with partners who power Agoda, so you can be at ease it is secure and has the best rates publicly available.

❤️ Save Place to Moodboard if not ready to book

Travel is complicated, and people might not book instantly. Fret not, they can save your recommended hotels into their Moodboard, build out their trip and book later.  

How does Bookable Links work?

2 steps on How to create Bookable Links on Travis

💬 How to Create Bookable Links on Travis?

  1. Tap “+ New”
  2. Choose a photo, tag a location, share your experience
  3. Don't forget to tag a hotel brand!
  4. Share! Your followers can now book through this link.

💬 How do I earn?

When you share your Bookable Links, and your followers book via your content - you earn a cut of the total booking value! If that's 7.5%, that's $30 on a booking for $400. Use our earnings calculator here to see how much you can earn.

You can cash out your earnings after your followers complete their stay. Minimum cash out is $50 - or pay a small cash out fee to cash out anytime you like.

💬 How do travelers book?

Your hotel recommendations are bookable! Tap on 'View hotel' on a Bookable Link, to get more information, photos, best room rates and availabilities. From here, simply choose dates and complete the booking, with secure payments (credit card and Apple Pay) right from here.

💬 What if the hotels I'm recommending aren't on Travis yet?

Fret not! Share those travel recommendations - for they are the best way to help provide value to your followers looking to you for their trip plans! In the meantime, let us know and we'll notify you when they become a partner you can start earning from in the near future.

Ready to try Bookable Links?

Bookable Links is a simple and effective way for travel creators to monetize their content and earn commission on hotel bookings made by their followers. With easy setup and tracking, passive income potential, and the ability to help your followers save, Bookable Links is a win-win for both you and your followers.

Try it out today and start earning commission from our network of 10,000 hotels!

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