Nicole Tj
August 29, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Travis Stories | Travel Stories

What are Travis Stories?

Travis Stories are designed for those who love photographing your travel moments, documenting your stories and sharing them with your fam, friends and fans. Think of them as your visual diary or photo blog, with an integrated map, to showcase the places you've been and your personal stories in one place.

How do I use Travis Stories?

We love seeing how you use Travis Stories to share your own travel stories - as a personal travel journal, or as a visual guide for others. That being said, we find that Travis Stories works best for those who are looking for an easy, visual way to capture, document and share your travel stories, and locate places you've been - instead of fiddling with PDFs, blogs, Google Maps, or other current alternatives.

Whether you're a self-taught hobbyist photographer, a budding creator growing your side hustle, or a seasoned traveller and visual storyteller looking to give your travel stories a home - you can make Travis your own.

Here's a few ideas for your Travis Stories:

Mobile screens of travel Stories on Travis

Our travel stories have the power to inspire someone else to experience something new. And beyond that, our travel stories are home to a collective diversity of people and places, personal stories, and cultural experiences. Here are a handful of our faves to inspire you.

👉 Showcase an insider guide to your local - We love how @tessomewhere shares her travel adventures around her home state.

👉 Share your love for something special - @foodiejacie, @elizabethmaidment and @willbanks are three Melbourne-based foodies who show you how it's done.

👉 Capture your weekend escapes - Do like weekend warriors @krismariawanders and @krystal.mckinley and capture your weekend adventures.

👉 Relive your roadtrip - Follow @thewininghills on her first Western Australia roadtrip, or @spurwaya for roadtrips and masterful landscape photography.

We invite you to show the world what's good - near and far - through your travel stories.

How do I create Travis Stories?

To make creating your Travis story a breeze, get your laptop set up with your folder of images already ready-to-go! This is where you get to make your Stories uniquely you. Take your readers on the journey with you. It's less about every place being ah-mazing, more about your first-person perspective to the experience. Here's your step-by-step guide to creating travel stories on Travis. Note: We can't yet create a Story on mobile.

1. Click on "Create a Story"

Find this button on the top right corner.

Web view of Travis

2. Create a Cover

Upload a photo. Give your Story a distinctive, searchable title in 24 characters or less. Keep in mind just the title of a place - e.g. "New York"- doesn't exactly do wonders in making it uniquely you.

Web view of Travis Stories

3. Reel readers in with an intro

Set the scene and give readers a snapshot to the story that follows. Why are you sharing this story? What was special about it? What handy tips do you now know that you'd like to share with others?

4. Showcase up to 9 Places

Document your experience about each place, and most importantly, add the place (search like you would on Google Maps) so that it is accurately tagged on the map! 40-50 words should suffice, and portrait photos work best. And if you need more places, you can create part two in a new Story. It's also handy to know that Stories with at least 8 places get 2.3x more views.

5. Publish & share!

And voila! You can now share your Travis Story with the world - just copy and paste the URL. Don't worry, you can also choose to save as draft, or come back after you've published a Story to edit it. Note: Your Stories do NOT autosave, so please hit 'save' as you go!

Share your travel stories & win $300 USD!

Yep, you read that right. We've launched the Travis Creator Fund! It's a $4000USD microfund, celebrating the diverse stories of travel lovers and photographers, showing the world what's good - even through COVID. 10 winners across US and Australia win $300USD or $390AUD each, plus extra perks. To enter, share your travel stories on Travis and submit your entries before Sunday 26 Sept 2021. Are you an avid travel photographer and storyteller taking your passion project, side hustle, or early career to the next level? We can't wait to follow all your travel stories!

Find out more about the Travis Travel Creator Fund - or email with any questions.

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