Clare Lynton
April 23, 2020

8 ways to share your travel stories on Armchair Adventures

If you’re like me, you have hundreds (thousands even) of travel snaps still on your phone / laptop / camera. But with so many, where to start? How to organise it all? When to find the time? OMG, there’s just too many 😱.

Hold on, maybe there’s a way out of this.

Here at Travis we’ve been armchair travelling for a few weeks now — and it’s funny to see how we all travel differently. An architectural admirer. An ‘eat your way through the city’ type. When we visit the same places, we capture them in a completely different way. So we created Armchair Adventures to keep travelling during the current lockdown. Here’s four ways we’re seeing our travellers capture the world.

#1—The one who lives a reel life 🎥

If you’ve run out of ways to proclaim your passion for a film or series with anyone who’ll listen (I swear my brother knows every line in the LOTR trilogy) you’ve likely travelled to where it happened. We were transported to the amazing scenery of New Zealand with LOTR and Croatia with GOT. But then what? The film finished and it was back to reality. That epic scenery forgotten. If you’ve been on the ground at a film location, let us know where to head. Get your friends excited enough with your snaps, and they might just be willing to sit down and watch that film with you (yet again). Win win!

LOTR in New Zealand by Salandora @ ArmchairAdventures

#2 — The 'one with nature' 🌲

Proud of your 10km hike to Trolltunga in Norway, or the week you spent at a surf camp in Costa Rica? Sometimes the best experiences are a lot of hard work, but they’re also really scenic! So before you dust off the remaining granules of sand from your last trip (which somehow managed to hang around for months afterward), share those photos. Who knows? That homebody friend of your’s might just be swayed — because sometimes we need a little nudge to go try something different. (Anyone trick their friend into a 4 hour hike? Just me?)

#3—The one behind the lens 📸

If your camera doesn’t leave your hand on a trip, and you find yourself crouched down way too low (or precariously angled) — this one might be for you. Aperture, depth of field, exposure. You capture a place in a whole new way. Small details are brought to life. Perhaps you love being as abstract as possible. Using shapes and colours to your advantage. Intricate architectural features or minimalist scenes. Either way, help us feel like we’re there with you (minus the city hustle and bustle)!

Mexico as captured by jacklee @ ArmchairAdventures

#4 — The one who travels to eat 🍜

Do you regularly use #foodporn to describe your snaps? Are there more food flatlays than people in your albums? Maybe you went to Mexico to find the most tantalising tacos, or spent your whole trip to Paris buying from the best boulangeries. Show off the awesome eats you had the pleasure of, well, eating, during your last trip. Then for those of us who don’t put the time into food research (guilty), we’ll have some handy tips for where to spend our money. Let us know where the value is at!

#5 — The one who breathes culture 🎨

Centuries old statues in squares, contemporary installations, or graffitied laneways. You can stumble on art anywhere. Perhaps you lose hours of your day in museums, or in urban mazes. Or maybe you’re super organised and take guided art walks. If you’ve captured some interesting artistic expressions, it’s time to share. Extra points if they were hard to find. Weave that imaginary paintbrush and tell your travel story like an artist.

#6 — The one who gets up at 4am 🌛

Why not base your travel collection on a time of day. Have you captured a city just waking up? The smell of freshly baked bread and coffee wafting through the air. Or maybe you’re a creature of the night, exploring a city through the people you meet during late night eats and cocktail bar hopping. Then there’s golden hour. That perfect time of day at dawn or dusk where the light is just right — a photographer’s dream. Have you captured any sights made more amazing by the light? I hear the Taj Mahal is out of this world at dawn!

From sunrise to sunset in Bali by audrina @ ArmchairAdventures

#7 —The ones who YOLO 🏄

Jumping out of a plane or off a cliff is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it definitely gives you a different perspective. Whether it’s a bird’s eye view or an underground adventure, you’ve surely captured something the (less adventurous) of us haven’t seen. Did you paraglide against the backdrop of the Austrian alps? Hike up a mountain in Scotland? Trek to a secluded village to meet the locals? Channel your inner adventurer and share the things that got your adrenaline going.

#8—The one who looks for the oddities 🦕

Do you like to take the less travelled road? Is your go-to source for inspiration Atlas Obscura? Perhaps you base your trip around a quirk like scoping out the city’s most instagrammble bathrooms (just me?). Have you travelled based on your astrological sign (it’s a thing). Or searched for unique native animals (Australia’s a gold mine for this one). Whatever it is, staying away from mainstream is a great way to mix up your travels. And a great way to inspire others with your travel collections.

Leaving Osaka for the beach by jguerrero @ ArmchairAdventures

Share the love 🧡

Pick a theme and bring your old travel snaps back to life. Or be inspired by others! Join us over at Armchair Adventures, where we’re working on an easier way to share our travel escapades. More ways to express yourself than Insta, but easier than setting up your own blog. See you there!

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