Nicole Tj
February 1, 2023

8 Travel Creators To Inspire Your Best Travel (Creator) Life 2023

8 Travel Creators To Inspire Your Best Travel (Creator) Life 2023

At Travis we like to think that we have a keen eye for creators who are making waves, smashing expectations, and drawing in a curious crowd of travelers who look to them not just for pretty inspiration, but for real, lived-in on-the-ground insights to discovering new places, cultures and flavours around the world. In doing so, these creators are carving their very own path - driving their passions to the next level, even taking the leap to building this as a full-time, sustainable career. 

We believe that creators will continue to play a huge role not just in helping travelers plan their next trips - but also are crucial to driving more diversity and representation across travel more broadly. This feature recognizes travel creators who have taken big steps within the last year to drive their creator brand, build community, and inspire travelers to discover new places in a different light. We’ve also handpicked them to capture an array of cultural backgrounds, travel styles, destinations visited, professional backgrounds. We can’t wait to see what 2023 and beyond has in store for them - and hope this will inspire your own travel and creator goals!

Drumroll please, this is our 2023 line up - listed in no particular order.

1. Cynthia, @cyncynti - A Mexican living in Shanghai, we love Cynthia’s explorations of this vibrant, mega-city she’s called home for the last 5 years. From historical landmarks to ancient towns, city streets to picturesque travels in lesser known Chinese regions - it’s an eye-opening look into China that we don’t see very often.

2. Nabila, @doseoftravel - A pharmacist turned full-time travel creator, Nabila’s journeys to Jordan, Ecuador, Lebanon, Iraq and more no doubt challenges most people’s expectations of travel - even more so as a solo, Pakistani-American, female traveler - and we love her for that!

Q: Why do you do what you do?

I'm a solo female travel content creator who has been traveling the last 6 months non-stop. I'm an advocate for more people of color, especially women, having access to travel and feeling empowered to go explore the world. I lead group trips for people of color reaching the South Asian audience.

What’s your biggest learning from your journey as a travel creator?

Diversity and representation matters. I've been traveling for 10 years and have been a creator for the last two, I rarely see people who look like me and that has affected the way I travel, along with so many others.

3. Grace, @gracefkim - Grace quit her 9-5 in Dec 2019 to travel the world. This has since taken this Korean-American solo female traveler across Asia - Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia - and beyond! From how to travel on a budget, life as a digital nomad, and how to travel as a solo travel - she makes it all seem very much possible.

4. Juan, @exploringwithjuan - Based in Edinburgh, Juan’s keen eye for impeccable interior design, foodie adventures, and the travel lifestyle - are what draws us to the view of the world from behind his lens.

What do you do?

I’m a content creator and photographer, capturing moments for both myself on my channels and also working with businesses, big and small. I love creating for myself, but also for campaigns I’m passionate about and choose to work with. Another big part of my job is social media management, handling socials and community for a few businesses. My niches include travel, lifestyle and food and drink.

What’s your biggest learning from your journey as a travel creator? Organisation and time management are key! This is something some people may dismiss, but for me it’s essential. When you’re traveling or working on the go, make sure you’ve got everything planned, written down and your time organized. It’s the worst feeling when you don’t get to do something you were excited about, and creating a simple schedule is super useful.

5. Angie, @whereisangiee - A self-described ‘travel, neuroscientist, badass’ - we love Angie’s focus on cultivating her community and connecting people at #angiescommunity. Her travels from Barcelona to Lake Como and beyond gives you serious Euro holiday vibes.

6. Nathan, @nathsway 

What do you do? Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Nathan is a travel obsessed creator who is always on the road in search of the best hidden gems! Nath works with many local tourism boards to showcase the beauty of Australia to the rest of the world!

What’s your biggest learning from your journey as a travel creator? Probably the biggest lesson I have taken away from my travels is that it's always better to experience 1-2 locations over a long period of time than 8-10 locations over short periods of time. Although it's great to see as many sights as possible during your trips, sometimes it's better to plan an itinerary that allows you to soak up the culture of a few key destinations rather than frantically rushing around (which I am definitely guilty of!)

7. Bree, @whereisbree - Bree is a nurse, AND runs group trips around the world! We love her vibrant energy and following her colorful travel adventures.

What do you do?

I travel the world to ignite the wanderlust in avid travelers and aspiring travelers. My goal lies within inspiring all types of travelers to live out their travel dreams and use that PTO (paid time off or time off). I share my new adventures around the world through captivating pictures and videos. Capturing the essence of other cultures, sharing unique stays and unique experiences in other countries is of utmost importance to me. Lastly, I provide a travel service to those wanting to travel but not knowing where to start. I plan custom vacations all over the world for my clients without the frustrations or headaches. In addition, I curate experiences for travelers to enjoy a new place amongst new friends on group trips around the world with Whereisbree!

What’s your biggest learning from your journey as a travel creator?

To be authentic as possible! Never change who you are! Traveling has taught me many lessons and staying true to who I am has always been imperative!

8. Leyla - @leyla.kazim - Leyla’s love for food and loud prints radiates through your screen. A BBC food presenter, we love that she teaches and inspires us all to discover culture through the joy of food and flavor.. from London to Greece to Colombia.

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