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March 12, 2021

8 Things to do in Broome | WA Travel Guide - Travis Blog

Interested in visiting the Kimberley Region in Western Australia? A trip to Australia’s north west isn’t complete without spending some time in the stunning beachside town, Broome. Renowned for sparkling clear beaches, a tropical climate, vibrant wildlife and deep red colours, you don’t want to miss a trip here! Find out more about things to do in Broome in our latest blog post.

Where is Broome? 

First up, a little recap on where exactly Broome is located. Broome is in the very North West of Australia in the Kimberley region. The Kimberleys are a popular tourist attraction and well known for their rugged beauty characterised by dramatic gorges, the bush and a beautiful yet isolated coastline. ‘How far is Broome from Perth?’, we hear you ask. You can drive from Perth to Broome comfortably in 2-3 days as it takes a full 23 hours without including toilet stops or breaks to eat or rest. If driving isn’t your thing, hop on a plane from the capital of WA and jet into Broome in an easy 2.5 hours.

8 top things to do in Broome

Here’s our shortlist of our 8 favourite things to do in this coastal town: 

  1. Go camel riding on Cable Beach
  2. Seaplane over Horizontal Falls 
  3. Throw a line in at Roebuck Bay 
  4. Visit the local Courthouse markets on the weekends
  5. Camp at James Price Point 
  6. Discover Gantheaume Point
  7. See the staircase to the moon
  8. Discover pearls

Camels on Cable Beach Western Australia Tess Somewhere

1. Camel Riding at Cable Beach

How many #1 things to do in Broome can we have again?! All jokes aside, this is a very close #2 must do activity in Broome. The best time to go is just before sunset for a truly memorable experience and view. We recommend going with Broome Camel Safaris with prices starting from $70 per person at sunset.

Travis Broome Guide - Seaplane over Horizontal Falls
By Visit Broome

2. Seaplane over Horizontal Falls, WA

This is our #1 must-do for a trip to Broome. Discover why David Attenborough called it "Australia's most unusual natural wonder," with a seaplane over these incredible falls. We don’t want to give too much away, but just imagine what it would look like if a waterfall was created by the movement of the tide…! Discover all the scenic flights you can do over at Visit Broome.

Travis Broome Guide - Fishing at Roebuck Bay

3. Go fishing at Roebuck Bay

You can’t get more ‘Broome’ than this bay with orange pindan stained sand, green mangroves and the turquoise blue ocean than Roebuck Bay. There’s no shortage of wildlife here, look out for dolphins and turtles not to mention lots of fish. You can find Trevally, Queenfish, Triple Tail, Blue and Threadfin Salmon in the bay, so join a boat tour and fish to your heart’s content!

Travis Broome Guide - Shopping at the Courthouse Markets

4. Have a shop at the Courthouse Markets 

Get your shop on over the weekend at the local Courthouse market, held in heritage listed gardens. They’re a great free thing to do in Broome and you can stroll around browsing stalls selling coffee, fresh fruit and veg, local homewares, art, and jewellery. Stay up-to-date with what’s on and opening times here.

Travis Broome Guide - Camp at James Price Point

5. Camp at James Price Point 

Okay so technically this isn’t in Broome, but it’s too incredible not to mention here! If you’ve got some time up your sleeve, we totally recommend driving out to James Price Point, about 50kms from Broome. Better yet camping here is free and it’s relatively undiscovered by tourists still. Don’t forget to bring all your food, cooking equipment and camping gear with you as it’s very remote.

Travis Broome Guide - Panorama of the Gantheaume Point

6. Discover Gantheaume Point

Only 10 minutes from Broome, get out to this red rock cliff that looks out over the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect place to soak in the sun, go swimming or have a picnic. If you’re interested in water sports like kayaking or fishing, a lot of tours leave from here too. Another cool thing to do here is check out the dinosaur prints at the bottom of the cliff during low tide.

Travis Broome Guide - Staircase to the moon

7. Staircase to the moon

Looking for things to do in Broome with kids? Tell them you’re taking them to the moon, well kinda! This super cool natural wonder happens on certain dates when the full moon rises across the exposed tidal flats to create the illusion of a staircase leading to the moon. In Broome, you can catch the view from Roebuck Bay or the Mangrove Hotel.

Travis Broome Guide - Pearl and shell are on the beach

8. Take a pearl tour 

Did you know Broome is famous for their pearls? It was founded as a pearling port in the 1880s thanks to pristine ocean conditions producing some of the finest pearls in the world. So why not go on a pearl tour to learn more about finding pearls or even to purchase some?

Travis Broome Guide - Eco each Resort
Broome Eco Beach Resort

Where to stay in Broome

If you’re looking to get a little more off the beaten track, we love the Eco Beach Resort for an off-the-grid escape. It’s 130km south of Broome and located directly on the beach. We love it for its sustainable, eco-friendly focus and luxurious safari style eco tents.

Travis Broome Guide - Cocktails
By Moontide Distillery

Where to eat in Broome

All this sight-seeing, swimming and wildlife spotting is sure to make you hungry. There are some fantastic places to eat and drink in Broome. Here’s our faves: 

  • The Mango Place: There’s no better place to eat mangoes than in Broome! Enjoy mango smoothies or get adventurous with a beef mango pie here.
  • Moontide distillery: The best place for a G&T in town is here! Infused with native botanicals, enjoy a tasting at their cellar door.
  • Mangrove Hotel: Get the best view in town over the beach while dining and wining here. Remember, you can also catch a glimpse of the staircase to the moon from this hotel.

Free things to do in Broome

We get it, holidays can get seriously expensive sometimes. Luckily, Broome is renowned for so many natural attractions that are also free. Here’s what you can enjoy in Broome without dropping a penny for: 

  • Take a splash at Roebuck Bay 
  • Camp at James Price Point 
  • Visit the local Courthouse markets on the weekends
  • Swim at Riddell Beach
  • Enjoy the sea the sunset at Cable Beach
  • Go for a swim at Gantheaume Point
  • See the staircase to the moon

Things to do in Broome with kids

Travelling with your little ones? Let us help you with some ideas to keep them entertained: 

Remember Broome has a tropical climate and gets very hot. We recommend hitting the town early and getting some activities in before heading back to your accommodation for a little rest over the hottest part of the day. For more ideas on what to do in Broome, be sure to check out @tessomewhere's guide on Travis here, or check out Visit Broome’s website. Want to check out some more off the beaten track destinations? Check out our blog post on 30 undiscovered places around Australia here. And of course, sign up to Travis here to start discovering, saving and planning your trips - all in one place.

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