Nicole Tj
January 10, 2023

7 Travel Content Ideas (When You're Not Traveling)

Our hot take: You CAN make ✨ valuable ✨ travel content from the comfort of home.

Or wherever your home base is for the time being. After all, your home base could be new for someone else traveling there. AND there’s nothing better than a insider’s take on hidden gems and local faves in a city.

So if you’re looking like you’re staying rooted in a city for awhile - and starting to feel anxious about how you’re going to get your travel content, or considering taking a short social media break to recharge - we got you. It’s perfect to take the time to recharge, rediscover your local, and rethink your content ideas.

Basically, we’re saying become your local expert in the meantime! There is so much valuable content you can share for those visiting your area - and here’s 2 ways it helps you:

  1. Focus on being top of mind for when someone thinks about a specific destination or local excursion.
  2. Create local content with the intention of using it to show potential partners in other cities down the line. You get it. Grow that portfolio to show them what your style is! You don’t need to drop thousands and travel the world to get started or if you don’t have an international trip planned for a while.

Creators having brunch

We’re bringing you 7 content ideas you can borrow for inspo during your slower travel seasons.

  1. Re-introduce yourself in IG Stories or a Reel. Even better while sharing your fave spots in your home city.
  2. Share “Things you need to know if you’re visiting ______ for the first time” - Think parking tips, traffic insights, must-visit stops, cell service, how your local transit works.
  3. Get some B-Roll of your go-to spots - Then repurpose the content to make multiple videos with different voiceovers. E.g. How I spend a rainy day in [insert your city]!
  4. Overnight staycation mini vlog - Book a local campsite, split an airbnb with fellow creator friends for a photoshoot, or co-workers for a remote work stay!
  5. Go to places that give off the vibe of your next dream destination. Finding a little bit of [insert dream destination] in your local town is a great affordable escape you and your fans!
  6. Curate your local recommendations in a Travis Moodboard - Share this helpful resource with your followers as a pre-made trip template they can use to plan their trips. Add the link to your link-in bios for easy access.
  7. Let your followers in on planning your next trip! Instead of the mysterious arriving at your next destination, bring your community in on the packing, planning, and prep. Even better, ask for their recommendations or share a link to a collaborative Moodboard that they can all add their own places to.

There you have it! We hope this helps you get started on some loveable local content.

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