Catherine Xi
August 11, 2021

6 Lightroom Presets To Enhance Your Travel Photography

Lightroom presets are a must-have if you plan to take your Instagram feed or travel stories seriously. With thousands to choose from, presets can help bring out the magic in your pictures and keep your feed consistent, which will ultimately boost your engagement and following!

Here are six of our top picks:

1. Little Sherpa Travels Presets

From $6.90 to $14.95.

If you’re looking for warm, natural tones to brighten up your beach shots, check out the amazing presets produced by LittleSherpaTravels - A husband and wife from opposite sides of the world who both share a love for travel. Their presets can be found here.

2. The Common Wanderer Presets

From £12.00 to £60.00.

Since 2015, Mark and Mim (The Common Wanderer) have been devoted to sharing their sustainable travel ideas with the world. Visiting countries such as Singapore, Nepal and Cambodia, the couple have been inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone and explore new cultures. Now, they are also creating lightroom presets so you can better document your adventures. You can find them here.

3. Sisilia Piring Presets

From $70.

Sisilia Piring is a fashion photographer and content creator who has spent the past year exploring the US by camper van. On the side, she also creates presets to help fellow travellers brighten up their shots. Take your pick from the Pasadena preset suited for fashion editorials, the Joshua Tree preset perfect for beachy shots or the Manado preset for soft, moody vibes.

4. Salt In Our Hair Presets

From $18.05 to $36.00.

Having travelled across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Hannah and Nick’s (Salt In Our Hair) objective is to capture the world in a way so people see beyond their nine to five job. With experience in the creative industry as graphic designers, the couple have carefully crafted five different preset collections which will take your travel shots to the next level. Our fave preset is the Sugar Collection, which is perfect for selfies and photos featuring people.

5. Fallon Travels Presets

From $5.42 to $93.45.

Fallon’s main hustle is producing design templates for small businesses to use on their socials, but she can also be found creating presets to help boost your Instagram feed. Fallon currently offers over 200 lightroom presets to convey any mood you desire. We’re personally loving the Tropical Greens preset which is perfect for your Hawaii snaps, and the Pet preset to enhance the cuteness of your pawsome pooch!

6. Tanaka Travels Presets 

From $4.24 to $10.81.

These next presets are for all our dark-skinned women! If you’ve ever felt that filters and presets do not compliment your skin tone, you need to check out this set of presets by Tanaka Travels which aims to bring out the beauty in darker skin. Ideal for outdoor tropical environments, these presets will make both your skin and your surroundings glow.

That’s a wrap on six lightroom presets we’ve got our eye on!

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