Julia D'Orazio
February 22, 2022

4 Top Tips to Travel Safely Post-Pandemic

Slowly but surely, travel is coming back in a big way, but just don't expect it to be like the good ol' days – for now. Baby steps!With nine in ten American travelers planning to travel in the next six months to shake off their cabin fever feels, it's important to be prepared not just for your health but for your vacation plans too because as if we need another thing to stress about! To help you adjust to the new normal when it comes to satisfying your wanderlust, we share four tips on how to travel safely in a pandemic.

1. Consult government websites

Before you plot your next GPS coordinates around the globe, consult both government websites for travel safety advice, including place of departure and where you wish to explore. (American travelers can check out travel safety advice here.)

Restrictions vary from place to place, and it's important to make sure you comply with COVID-19 requirements in all settings. This will also help you understand the COVID-19 situation in your desired vacation spot and prevent you from becoming stranded – be AWOL on your own terms!

Blogger Giulia Dugo of Palm Trees and Pellegrino says to do your research as traveling isn't as easy as it used to be. "Traveling international may feel difficult at first as there's now an added layer of complexity. Before booking, you need to check what is required to enter (the country) and what the laws are once you've arrived." 

For more planning tips, check out our ultimate checklist for planning a group trip.

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2. Have all your documents ready before you travel

Traveling in 2022 gives new meaning to the 2011 LMFAO banger 'Everyday I'm Shuffling' with the extra paperwork involved.

YouTuber Christianne Risman of Backpacking Bananas says have your travel documents ready on demand to avoid a stressful trip, especially when it comes to entering establishments."Have your vaccination certificate and any documents you have had to fill out accessible and available offline on your phone as people ask to see them for getting on transport, entering restaurants and staying in hotels."

"Being fully vaxxed and showing your certificate on your phone can feel like a superpower a lot of the time."

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3. Remain COVID-19 aware

COVID-19 may be the biggest party crasher of our lifetime; however, it's possible to still live out your travel dreams. Ensure to take out comprehensive travel insurance in case you need medical attention while on the road and be wary of your travel environment. 

"I've found the trick to staying safe when traveling is being aware of your surroundings. Leave an area if it's too crowded or change the plan if you don't feel comfortable." Giulia says. She also recommends packing heavy-duty masks such as KN95, hand sanitizer/wipes and taking vitamins to stay healthy while on the road.

Please note: consult with your local GP for more specialized personal advice about what vitamins are suited to your health.

4. Pick your destination wisely

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to see the world while having to deal with restrictions, requirements, and extra expenses related to COVID-19, Christianne reveals that traveling in a pandemic can also be a golden opportunity to really have the world all to yourself. 

"Attractions that are usually too busy are quieter than ever." Just think of those photo opps minus hordes of tourists! And although it may seem like a marathon effort to go on vacation, Christianne admits it's worth the legwork. "Once you have landed in the country and look back at the hurdles you have jumped over to get there, it feels so good to be there and makes you appreciate traveling a lot more. So many businesses that rely on tourism for income are so grateful for tourists coming back."

For those who may be hesitant about traveling further afield, blogger Jessie Chen of Lost with Jess says to look for new ways to get your travel fix. "For those who are still hesitant about traveling, it all depends on what their personal comfort and living/lifestyle situation is. If you're vaccinated, low risk and ready to go, I'd suggest choosing a destination that won't involve long flights and where the weather allows you to be outdoors."

But on the whole - "I find that people have definitely opened up to the idea of travel again, and while there is still a layer of safety and paperwork to think about, everyone seems curious and ready to explore. I try to mention the fact that I’m vaccinated as often as I can, and also share what the situation is in that country in terms of what I see when it comes to masks and public health and safety."

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