Thomas Lo
July 19, 2021

25 New Updates at Travis in July 2021

Once again we've been heads down in designing and building in full speed and we thought we were long due an update - both on what's new and coming soon on the product, and what else is happening behind the scenes at Travis HQ.

Not 1, not 2, but 25 updates

Through user feedback, the two key priorities that emerged across all users were 1) to improve how you curate recommended places on your travel Moodboards, and 2) to better connect and interact with other travellers like you. So we've been working on lots of exciting new features, rolling out soon on your Travis account.

1. Travis Themes

One of the most exciting features we are working on to help you connect with people who love what you love. Start following themes, share your recommended places, connect and ask like-minded travellers. Find out more soon.

2. Mappable Links

Directly paste a link into your moodboard and have it mapped. These will be searchable in the future.

3. New Travel Profile

Completely redesigned profile page to better represent you as a traveler.

4. Profile Badges

Unlock new badges when you follow themes you love, or share Stories and Moodboards with the community.

5. Discoverable Moodboards

Your curated Moodboards are now discoverable from your new Profile. Why hide awesome recommendations?

6. Tag Moodboards & Stories

Tag with a travel theme to help your Moodboards and Stories get discovered by people who are looking for what you know.

7. Moodboards are now shareable and saveable

Share your Moodboards now with their own unique public URL, for others to save places directly into their own Moodboards.

8. Search Improvement

Quick access to nearby area recommendations.

9. City Collections

Collections of best places to visit when searching for a city.

10. Improved Image Results

Much better results of images when you save a Place into your Moodboard. Including any

cafe, restaurants, theme parks.

11. My Activity Page

See activity updates on your profile right inside Travis.

12. Email Notifications

Get notified when someone has clapped your Story, or added places from your Stories into their Moodboards, and many more.

13. Account Summary

Quick fortnightly update on your account on Travis.

14. Easy Email Preferences

Control your email preferences right from your profile.

15. partnership

Open specific accomodation on and get 15% off.

16. Various UI updates

Including Story cover, profile, onboarding, place feed, moodboards etc.


Want even more news from behind the scenes?

Product aside, we've been working on a few new things to help make it easier for our beta community to connect, and to work with inspiring travel content creators from Australia and beyond.

17. Travis is growing cross the globe!

Last we checked, Travis is now helping travellers in 71 different cities and counting!

18. Creator Circle

If you're a content creator and you love travel, join our growing network from around the world who want to be a voice for diversity in travel. Find out more and apply to be part of the Travis Creator Circle!

19. Travis Collabs  

Making it easier for our travel and tourism brand partners to find, work and manage collaborations with creators. Officially in development, trial launching soon in Australia and New Zealand. If you're a brand, tell us more about your content and campaign needs to see if we might be a fit!

20. Facebook community

We love hearing your feedback and learning more about you as travellers via DMs and emails, but we think our beta community is going to benefit more when we have more people in the same place! If you're a beta user, look out for an invite to the Facebook community via email.

21. Top 8 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

We were up against 47 other companies, including Stripe on the day - but managed to squeeze into Top 8 Product of the Day, with nearly 1000 of you joining our waitlist.  We are so thankful for all your support. Travis is still improving daily, if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot through an email -!

22. Featured on LUNA

Our co-founder Nicole was featured in LUNA Startup Studio's Founder Feature!

23. Featured on Behind the Brands

Nicole shares a peek into her founder and entrepreneurship journey on Behind the Brands' female founder series!

24. Featured on Cupcake and Cashmere

One of our long-time favourite lifestyle blogs featured Travis here! Welcome everyone!

25. Various backend upgrades

Lots of stuff in the backend to make sure we can keep delivering new features and emails to you at speed and securely.


Questions? Comments? Feedback?

We're all ears. Say hi at Or find us on Instagram or Twitter.

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