Nicole Tj
December 31, 2021

2021 Wrapped: Our Year As A Travel Startup In A Pandemic

As we're putting the finishing touches to OOO messages, looking forward to that time of the year where it's perfectly acceptable to feast when you like, not know what day of the week it is, and wake up without 7 consecutive alarms - we're reflecting on what a big year 2021 was.

It was not without its highs and lows. Enduring the world's longest lockdown in Melbourne (over 260 days in total, with a 5km radius for what felt like the most part of it) has been a true test of belief, resilience, adaptability, optimism and determination across the team - and I am most proud of the fact that despite yet another year of curveballs, we've managed to accomplish and celebrate many wins along the way on our mission to build the future of travel.

Catch up on product highlights

We've released over 100 improvements to our product this year, with a focus on making it easier to:

Visual trip planner on tablet

❤️ Collect and share travel ideas to plan your trips, visually.

By now you know that Moodboards are the perfect, visual way to save all your must visit places. But have you also tried the Save From Site feature, which allows you to save your fave links for later - and see it all on a map?

Visual trip planner on tablet

🔎 Find new places and experiences in cities around the world

Searching on Travis has gotten easier, with Category Filters on the feed to help you quickly go from cafes to outdoor spots within a certain city. This means that it's even quicker for you find places shared and recommended by other travel lovers on Travis - to save to your travel moodboards.

Visual trip planner on tablet

📸 Give your travel Stories a home

Our travel stories are personal experiences that define who we are, and help others discover something new for themselves. We've made it easier to Tag Locations while sharing your Story, and introduced Profile Badges to recognise the power storytellers amongst us.

Got a question or suggestions to make Travis even better? We're all ears as we up the pace on our 2022 roadmap!

Catch up on all other highlights

🌏 118 cities: Number of cities the Travis community is spread across - what a global bunch! Top 4 cities? Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles.

❤️ Your 3 fave travel themes are: Hidden Gems, Foodie Feasts, and Outdoor Adventures

👀 Over 100,000 views: Your Stories on Travis are inspiring travel-lovers all over the world.

🎗 We claimed the Top 8th Product Of The Day on Product Hunt. It was our first time launching on the holy grail of startup directories. Much excitement.

🎗 We made it on The Australian’s Top 100 Innovators List! Alongside Aussie crowd faves like Canva and Atlassian.

🎗 We launched our inaugural Creator Fund. We pledged $4000USD to support 10 talented emerging creators from US and Australia in sharing diverse travel stories, with award-winning photographer Jarrad Seng and creator marketplace Moment's head of partnerships Alec Ploof on the panel.

🎗 We've released awesome collaborations with creators and brands. Camplify, July, Palmers Lane Estate - we're looking at you.

🎗 Travis is officially a remote team! Senior Front End Developer Goran Spasojevic joins us from Toronto, Canada. Get to know him here.

So bring on 2022!

Thank you to each and everyone of you for being part of the Travis journey thus far. We've got lots of big plans for 2022 - and we can't wait to make them all a reality.

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Visual trip planner with place on the left and map on the right