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Create Moodboards for your next

weekend getaway

The most collaborative, real-time visual trip planner.

Visual trip planner with place on the left and map on the right
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Cool! Let me find a cafe in this area

“Travis is more useful than Pinterest and more fun than just typing up an itinerary in a Google doc!”

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“My wife and I are going on honeymoon, Travis allows us to plan trips together, finally!”

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"I'm absolutely loving Traivs by the way. I've been stuck down the rabbit holes before (travel planning) and the next thing you know it's been hours haha!"

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Just saved this directly from Insta 😉
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A home to save all travel inspiration

- Search cities or places like on Google Maps
- Save links from your trusted websites for later
- Follow creators for their personal travel stories

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Organise your travel plans with flexible tools

- Maps to show you where you are
- Tags to keep places organised in moodboards
- Templates to kick start your trip planning

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Plan trips with friends in real time

- Shared moodboards to keep everyone in the loop
- Live cursor chat to keep plans moving
- Reactions because everyone needs emojis 😍

Travis - The best visual trip planner

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Powerful tools for travel creators.

Turn beautiful experiences into actionable plans with the Travis Story creation tool; Simple visual format. Automatic map, route and location integration. Instagram upload integration, SEO optimised.
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Make Trips Happen.

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